2 Easy Spring Nail Art Designs | DIY Cute flower nails | Style Small World

Hey guys 🙂 I'm feeling so light because Spring has arrived So here I'm sharing 2 spring nail art tutorials for all my lovelies For the first design, apply base coat and then apply white nail polish I'm making this design on middle and little Apply thick layers of different nail polish colors As it's spring nail art so I used some poppy colors Now using thin brush or liner brush, make lines when nail polishes are wet Remove excess nail polish using nail polish remover now I'm using golden caviar beads Using top coat, place these beads on your nail On remaining nails, apply different colors on each nail and using top coat, place some caviar beads For my second design, start with base coat on all of your nails Now take a drop of green nail polish and mix with nail polish remover I'm doing this to decrease the opacity Now apply it on your nail Repeat the process with different color I upload new video every single weekend so subscribe me for getting updates of all my new uploads I've used 5 colors and made this design with same process Now using thin brush and white acrylic color, I'm making flowers then apply small black dots finally using top coat place some golden caviar beads If you like this video then give a thumbs up and don't forget to subscribe.