6 Football Nail Polish Ideas for Game Day – Kate Spade Giveaway

hey there thanks for visiting myLauriePOP Channel where ideas pop today we're popping over into a football gamesec pac-12 pac 10 NFL pittsburgh #steelers New York #Giants San Francisco#49ers university of #georgia florida #gators #Alabama roll tide whatever your team colors are let's putsome finishing touches on our fingernails okay and remember you're never fullydressed without a smile but this is just something fun to go along with thatoutfit that you're planning for your gameday get you some cheap three colorsof green black and white and that will help you with your base football colorfootball style patterns for these you're just going to paint one green one brownish and one black ok those aregoing to be your base for the rest so using that striper brush that you gotfrom sally beauty supply you're going to dip it in white fingernail polish andits really good at drawing long lines it's not good at making polka dots ok it's really good at drawing lines ornumbers all stripes ok so this is our football finger andwe're making the line for the football and then we're going to do the littlebitty crosshairs that go across there just going to go one and you just kindof blend it in your bringing the color / it's not going to be perfect and that'sok you just wanted to look like a football from a distance and it does nowfor a 50-yard line or yard line nail you're gonna just use your striper brushagain and you're going to make a long yard line and then the two little niches for 1 yard shot it on either sideof it and it's just going to pop it's going to look good next to red colorsremember that red and green or complementary color so if you go touniversity of georgia that red nail base is going to pop pop pop so foryour referee Neil you're just going to do two little white stripes down on topof that black nail super easy lemon squeezy referee nail just right there mywhite is kind of thin and so I just go over it a couple of times with the thosestriper brush striper brush making stripes so for this nail if you're not going toput any stickers on it you are going to want to paint it a base color and thebase color that I think looks best is like a French manicure color and youdon't need any fancy fingering polish for french manicure you just want to geta milky color fingernail polish that matches your skin tone underneath yournail ok you can see that matches if you havea darker skin tone you're going to want a darker polish to put on before youstart adding some different colors on that plain nail ok now we're going toadd some finishing touches to your middle nail this can be your game daynail you've decorated your other ones now you're going to decorate this onewith the bright red or whatever bright color you want to be on the very tip andyou're just kind of pushing it off the edge and you'll see it's a little bituneven but that's ok alright you're going to put some color on the end andthe main thing is that it's not straight across at the sides of your nail you'regoing to kind of make it go down at an angle and then just clean it up some I just like to add polka dots theyalways get me so i'm just using a regular regular brush and just makingthick uneven polka dots but it's okay because when i holding up together it'sgoing to look really good and it's going to look festive it's going to look likeChristmas on your hand it's going to look like football game day on your handon your fingers is just another cute way to express yourself in your funpersonality now another idea for your thumb would beto paint it all white and you want it to be a milky-white not flesh color youwant it to be a milky white color right so now you're going to use your brightcolor for your school team this is I eat mainly lobster main being spelled likethe state maine i eat mainely lobster and I'm just putting cute little polka dots it'sreally an orange color not not super peachy but it's definitely an orangecolor if your team colors have orange and this would be such a cute ideaand i would also do red for a uga game or whatever color this makes a fun game dayparty nail alright so on this hand I have painted all my nails that clear OPI color to get a base but i'm onlygoing to have one party nail one game day nail and this is it i'm going topaint the bright color I'm going to paint that bright color and get ready togo what it would look like if you'relooking at it from a distance you see if she's got her nails painted oh there's aparty nail so I almost forgot to tell you about these presents i'm giving awayfor subscribing to my video you have until august 15 to be a subscriber to myvideo and i'm giving away if you are a subscriber and chosen as one of thelucky ones randomly chosen by my husband he's giving me a number and that's howi'm choosing who the winner is but anyway these are press on fingernaildecals ok and use a file to file off the extra there kate spade super cute andthere's also this pink color of OPI fingernail polish called Humidi-tea and 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