Aluminium Crinkled Gel Nail Design

Hi, I'm Kirsty Meakin from Naio Nails in this video I'm going to show you a really cool way to create a crinkle aluminium nail ok so on this nail I've already got aclear tip and the nail is prepped and primed you want to see the video on tip application or prepping and priming the nail you can check that video out.

but right now where going to do a crinkly nail using Gel.

So were going to use the builder gel, this is super easy but it looks awesome! I promise you that anybody can do this!! With your Gel brush, get some builder gel And in a circular motion apply it all over the nail.

you want a good coverage of gel for this design, then your going to take a bit a food bag or a clear plastic bag and your going to crinkle it all up really really wrinkle it.

then when your happy with the wrinkles that you have created You can pop that straight on to the nail.

You can use a tool to press that in round the sides.

Make sure your tucking it in and it's not really touching the cuticle.

And then were going to pu that into the lamp for two minutes.

What we are going to do now that's cured is peel that off.

Check that out!! It looks so cool!! With some cuticle nippers, were just going to go around the edge, and take off anything that's protruding out a little bit too much what we gonna do it we're going to use the liquid aluminium And your going to brush that all over the nail get into all those nooks and crannies and it shows up all the different facets on the nail I'm just cleaning and of the liquid aluminium off the finger with some acetone.

Now you could leave it like that!!!It is really cool!! Whispering: that is really cool that is, it looks like so cool!! I would love to just wear that like that!! It's that cool I would wear it!!! LAUGHS But, we want to make it more wearable! Cos not everybody is as cool as me 🙂 So with the builder gel again were going to encapsulate that.

Builder Gel.

You need to let it sit in all of the recesses You need to take your time, be patient and let the gel do it's work by letting it sit directly on top and let it flow into all those little areas Now i'm going to turn this nail over.

Turn it upside down just to let the gel drop with gravity.

That'll help the gel settle into place.

Now turn it back round and pop that into the lamp and cure that for two minutes.

ok thats all cured now, I'm gonna wipe over to remove the sticky layer.

Then were going to file this and make it nice and neat.

Side walls.

Cuticle area, very lightly.

Don't forget this is gel I'm filing now.

You don't need to be really aggressive with it at all because it's quite soft and nice and easy to file.

I'm happy with the shape of that now, I'm just going to buff that See.

Look how simple that is to create but it's so cool and really effective.

Anybody can do this!! clean that up.

And then.

Mega Gloss Sealer Gel to seal that in, it's going to bring out all the shine and your going to see all the different crinkles and wrinkles.

Pop that in to the LED lamp for one minute Thats all set.

Finishing with a bit of cuticle oil I love this nail.

I want a full set of these nails.

next time you see my nails on camera.

I might have a set of these on!! Aluminium crinkly nail !!!.