arizona green tea nail art design

Hello guys and thank you for watching this video inspired by the Arizona green tea with honey So I hope you guys enjoy my video and thank you again for watching it So you have to take an aquamarine or light green color like I did.

And yeap.

Apply it on the nail after you have applied the base coat I don't know if you can see but it's actually the same color like the Arizona's can OK.

And after it has totally dried you will take the brown nail polish.

I would recomment you to use a dark shade and we will try to make the tree So I'm just trying to do it exactly the same as it's shown on the pictur, but you can just draw a few lines and you'll be OK OK so after we have finished the branches we can take a pink ( I'll use a light pink color) and we will make the flowers!!! For the flowers we'll be making some dots So.

Yeah this is how it looks like you just have to put the top coat now and.

Your actually finished! So thank you for watching this video.

I hope you guys enjoyed it SEE YA!!!!.