Black And White Nail Art Designs For Short Nails

This design nail art we use colorshow Maybelline black nail polish, Marks and Spencer White nail polish, Marks and Spencer nail polish and a clear top layer.

Start by white rule is applied to all the nails.

Cut Scotch tape in various forms.

First, cut the tape in the shape of a wave.

The second cut in a diagonal bar.

Cut 8 thin lines.

Now stick Scotch tape on the nail.

The application of black nail polish on all nails Mark dotted with dotting tool on the index finger.

We have used the base pin to make points with black nail polish.

Now gently remove each piece of Scottish nails.

The finger that had a wave design, the white part of the nail make a point of black nail polish and black part make a point Example: white nail polish.

Apply top coat to seal the design.