Candy colored nail art, summer trend manicure by Cute Nails

Hi girls! In today’s video, I will show you a nail art design that looks like candy.

This nail art design is quite easy to do.

You won’t need much stuff to do it.

And you can also vary the colors for this summer.

I hope that you will enjoy it! Let’s watch it! First of all, I’ve painted two nails in blue and the two others in pink.

Then I use the opposite color.

On a pink nail, I will use the blue nail polish.

And on a blue nail, I use a pink nail polish.

For this design, I’m using the Essie nail polishes because they have a very thin brush.

And it makes it quite easy to work with them.

Make sure to use an opaque nail polish or else you won’t have a great effect.

You can do it with the nail polish brush or with a detail brush if you have some issues with the nail polish brush.

I press on my brush and I release it to finish with a spike.

Then I add some random designs on each nail.

If the nail polish leaks, use a correction pen to correct it before it dries.

Then I use a silver glitter liner brush to mark-out the outlines.

Since it is done quickly with a nail polish brush, the shape won't be neat.

So I mark out the outlines to give the impression that it is neat.

Don’t worry if at the beginning the outlines are not pretty.

It doesn’t matter since you will hide it with the liner brush.

However, I won’t draw the outlines on each and every shape or else it will be too loaded.

I only paint where the outlines are bad looking.

Then I use a very thin dotting tool with white nail polish to add some dotted lines over the outlines.

Now I add a coat of glitter nail polish, very discrete.

Then I grab a rhinestone and I apply it on my nail.

And it’s done! The only thing left is you have to apply the final top coat.

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