Candy pink French manicure with white flower by cute nails

Hi all! In today’s video, I will show you how to embellish a French manicure.

with a flower design, quite easy to do.

I hope that you will enjoy this nail art design and that you will be glad to do it.

First of all, I apply one or two coats of my beige nail polish to unify the color of my nail.

Then I use a candy pink nail polish To make a simple French manicure with a slight smile line.

This is done quickly.

I wait for it to dry and then I apply a second coat if needed.

It doesn’t matter if the French manicure is not perfectly done since we'll hide it with a flower design.

Then I wanted to had some shine to my nail art so I add a glittery nail polish called Essie – Shine of the times.

Now with a pinky beige nail polish and a fine brush I draw three leaves.

You don’t have to do it too much in detail, because anyways we'll have to make the outlines later.

So I draw three thick opaque leaves.

I'd advise you to choose a transparent nail polish for this.

When it's dry, with acrylic paint and a detail brush I make the outlines.

It's quite important to make very thin lines then.

And now, we’ll try to give a shape to the flower.

When I’m done with the three petals, I add some very thin lines inside them.

To make it look like a shade off inside the petal.

Then I add some leaves as you can see.

I draw two lines, leaving a space between them to make it look like a leaf.

Then I add two lines to mark out the French manicure line.

That’s why I’ve told you that it wasn’t important to be too detailed when making the French manicure.

Then with the silver Orly dazzle nail polish and a sponge, I tap inside the flower to give a third dimension to the design.

Now with a dotting tool and a candy pink nail polish, I'm gonna add some tiny dots in the middle of the flower.

And that’s it! It’ done! All you have to do now is to apply the final top coat! I hope you enjoyed this nail art design.

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