christmas nail art design

Hello and Merry Christmas.

Today I'll show you the really nice Christmas Nail Design I'll do it on a fake nail, because I made my nails before the video OK.


we first make this candy design and then this with the snowflake.

What we need is a red and a white nail polish, a dotting tool and a marking brush (I'll use my diy brush) Paint your nail first white After it is completely dry take your striper brush and your red nail polish and make diagonal lines Ok can now route to our second design.

Here we will need the same tools Paint your nails red Now we make points around the edges ooops I done messed good Aria! -_- Ok, we say that this looks like this.

Now we do Punckte.

to Punckten And now we will fill the rest with white dots that are smaller snowflakes This is how the sedign looks, it really reminds me of Christmas I really love it I hope you enjoyed this video and you can every day you let me know your thoughts and ideas do not forget to like and subscribe, thank you for watching until next time.