Christmas Teddy Bear Nail Art – 3D Acrylic Design – Step By Step Tutorial

HI i am Kirsty Meakin.

Have i got lipstick on my teeth? Oh there is a lovely outtake for you.

hi iam Kirsty Meakin from Naio Nails and in this video, we are gonna do a cute and i mean it'sgonna be so cute, little christmas teddy bear in 3D acrylic.

So i am gonna start by prepping the nail,i am gonna push back the cuticles with my metal cutcile pusher, pushing that cuticleback and removing any non living tissue, from the nail.

Gonna go over with a soft file toremove that surface shine, you can also do this with a block, I am using a file so ican get right down the side, not putting hardly any pressure on just sweeping across, theni am gonna wipe the nail with some gel residue wipe off solution.

Give that a nice clean, Sculpting form, gonnasculpt this out, and i am gonna take the tab and put that in the middle there.

and i amgonna rock and rool it in between my thumbs, and i will pinch this end.

i am doing an almondshape.

once i am happy that it's straight, i am gonnaclose the form it's gonna make it more stable, I am gonna dehydrate the nail.

with the nailprep dehydrater, i will let that evaporate and then we are gonna use the acid free primer,and i am gonna put two coats of that on.

gonna use warm beige i have got high speed liquidin my dampen dish, i am gonna do some big big ass beads.

and i am starting from the middle of the nail, thenatural nail, and i am working down, I am gonna do a almond nail, with quite a bit oflength, and then we can work at the back now, by the cuticle.

gonna let that dry a bit andwe are gonna pop the pinching tool on now so you can see how wide it is and we are gonnamake it look thinner, gonna take the form off now, open it at the back, anchoring itdown form the front.

TADA I am gonna file the side walls, with my normalfiling routine, going from the side walls, cuticle, free edge and over the top, checkingthe apex, making sure that the apex is there.

i am gonna block over with a white block,to smooth it buffing away.

making it very smooth.

if it is not smooth, when you applyanything to it, it will show it up.

especially if you put red on, and guess what colour weare gonna use.

Blue Black No we are gonna use red.

Which red, we have loads of reds, it's unbelievablehow many reds we have.

We are gonna use Kiss Me Quick.

Kiss Me Quick from the Urban Grafitti GelPolish Range.

gonna wipe over with pure acetone, this is gonna clean it up and it is goingto make the top surface even smoother, i am gonna do two coats of this gorgeous red colour,gorgeous, oh it's gorgeous.

pop that into the lamp, Look at that, that is beautiful,gonna use top and base on this, gonna give it a nice shine, pop that into the lamp, justgonna wipe over with the gel, residue wipe off solution, wiping off that sticky layer.

We are gonna do, this.

cute teddy bear.

Ihave got some colours here, i have got maple shimmer, glam gold, honey bronze, not honeyG, honey Bronze.

and we have got some primary red as well.

and we are gonna make teddy bears.

Not care bears, teddy bears.

so we are gonnastart with his head.

I want to put him at a bit of an angle.

We need a name, name for? the bear The Bear? the christmas bear, shall we callhim Crimbo, Crimbear, Right so i have just done his face shape andnow i am just gonna do a bit of his chest, and i want that to sort of fade out to prettymuch nothing at the bottom.

the bulk of it will remain at the top.

where his what wouldbe neck.

he has got a leg here.

and that sits behind his arm, so i am gonna do that first,because it's gonna sit behind.

But we want some bulk here.

because this i like the bottomof his foot, right, so i am doing his arm, it is gonna come up, here to his shoulder,and we are gonna keep that shape defined as this starts toset, you'll need to just keep titivating it, if you don;t know what titivating means, ijust mean keep at it.

make it nice and crisp and neat.

And we have got another arm coming aroundhere.

just doing and ear on that side, we are only gonna show one ear.

because the otherone is gonna be covered with the hat, now we are gonna do, Someone told us, Snout, It'snot a Snout, Muzzle, Muzzle.

You need what.

So we are gonna do the muzzle, and it is sortof a D shape, would you say that is.

i am trying to describe it to you i suppose.

itlike dome.

a dome, yes a dome, like a crystal dome, that's crystal maze isn;t it.

crystalball i think you are thinking of.

Gonna add a little bit of gold glam colour,just to give it a bit more shparkle, i live how it's sparkley, sparkley teddy bear, Ohi love him, i might put a bit more on that.

you might as well have one the full thinkin that colour, i want the lightness of it though.

lightness of this and the sparkleof that.

I am going to do this, this is me being extra extra picky, i am just gonna bringout, this , so he has more of a socket, for his eyes, and i know they don't really havesockets as such, but i will just want that to be bit more 3D, that's better, i like it,on his feet, you have his little coloured paw, so i am putting that lighter colour onfirst, same as i did with the muzzle, and then we are gonna put some of the glam goldon.

This is looking very nice, I am gonna do the red first on his hat, and we will highlightsome of this as well so you will see a little bit more, we want it sort of, so it's on theside of his head.

just getting the basic shape at the minute.

I am gonna add a white little ball on theend of the hat, and them we are gonna do a white rim, on the hat as well, I am just highlightingwith a little bit of the acrylic powder, So just with the white, i am using this likea paint really, put it on and you start to sweep it, you can just highlight with it,and doing it this way, you don't have to do itwith paint, you don't have to seal it, so i am using black paint now, instead of acrylic,instead of acrylic liquid and powder, i am using acrylic paint, because it is just alittle more, precise, and i want his features to be really quite precise, so we are gonnado his nose, and i am gonna change my brush, i don't want the at one.

it's too long.

, ineed shorter brush, so i am more controlled, that's his nose, and his lickle mouth, thenwe are gonna do his eyes, and i am gonna really water down this black now, to make more ofa wash, and i am just gonna a little bit of shading with it.

you want a tiny bit of whitepaint now just to put some little dots in his eyes.

I am slightly highlighting his nose.

i amjust cleaning my brush, with some brush cleaner because it was just getting clogged up withsome paint.

you can see how much comes off that, a little bit of white, just literallydotting on the hat on the white bit of the hat.

it will just create a few little highlights.

Make it look more textured.

i am gonna finish this off with a bit of cutcile oil, thereyou are, gorgeous, little christmas bear I don't know why i did that with my hair, ihope you enjoyed that video, of our christmas bear, i think he is really cute, i don't thinkyou will want to take him off will you.

So we'll see you in the next video, i'm sureit'll be a nice christmassy one, keep it festive, i think i need a glass of mulled wine, mulledwine, we might have a glass of mulled wine on our next christmas video, see you nexttime, don't forget to subscribe all of the rpoducts we have used today don't forget aredown below, see you later.

bye bye.

I have still got a bear from when i was little,i have actually given it to allycia, see that is why you save them.

i say little, i wasn'tthat little, I was about 24.

That was years ago.

It was a long time ago, Anyway, I'vegive it to allycia.