Cool Acrylic Nail Designs That You Can Try Today

This design nail art we use Angelot orange nail polish, royal blue nail polish and envy, Revlon green nail polish, nail polish envy purple, and purple nail Colorshow Maybelline Color, Marks & Spencer, the white nail color labels and clear nail polish and Spensers The top layer.

Start painting your nails with white-Qaeda.

To look cleaner and dab ear bud in Nail polish remover, rubbing against your fingers.

Now making light strokes each nail Color on every part of the nail part.

First apply strokes of green.

Repeat with the other Colors.

Im applying strokes of magenta color.

Paint strokes horizontal and vertical orange the color.

Repeat with color.

And purple and blue color.

Cleaning paint extra By dipping fingers ear bud in nail polish remover and rub it on the fingers.

Designing a layer of transparent top coat seal.