Cute and easy Dream Catcher Nail Art tutorial – Ep 139 | Life Thoughts Camera

In this Nail Art video, I will show you howto create this cute and easy Dream Catcher.

Let’s get started.

I start of by applying a thin layer of basecoat to protect my nails, and let it dry up completely.

I then apply a pink base colour and allowit to dry completely.

With the help of a fine tip brush, I applya thin curve line.

Notice that I have curved it towards the side.

I now do a straight line in the center.

Using short strokes I create thin lines closeenough to each other which represent the features.

I now move my focus to the sides of the feature,I draw 2 more straight lines.

Using a small dotting tool I apply a few blueand black dots which will be my dream catchers beads.

And your done 😀 Now, don’t forget to thumbs up.

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