Cute and Easy Nail Art Design for Beginners for short nails

Hi Guys ! Welcome back to my channel ! In my last nail art video I showed you how you can create cute and easy nail design by using tooth pick or needle and different nail polishes.

And today I would like to show you another nail design.

This nail design reminds me of ocean waves, and I think it will be perfect for beach vacation, spring and summer.

let me know what you think about this one?! This time I will be using chip preventing primer from Orly, and top coat from Sally Hansen.

And for this nail design, we will need white, bright blue and dark blue nail polishes! Also we will need tooth pick or needle.

I`ve already applied my chip preventing primer and now I will apply one stripe of dark blue and bright blue nail polish.

You should try to make stripes more straight, but it does not need to be perfect.

Then I will put white dots of different sizes, on top of bright blue and dark blue stripes.

And now I will take my needle and will drag it in between each dot and you wanna make it as a snake shape line.

I hope you got the idea.

And now I will do the same steps with the rest of my nails.

I really love this colors, but you can try use different ones if you like.

After I am done with creating design on all my nails I will apply a top coat.

And here is the finished look.

I hope you guys enjoyed this video and if you did not forget to like it and comment ! ♥ And I will see all in my next video ! Bye !.