Cute Cupcake Nail Art Design | Nail Art #6

[music playing] Hello everyone and welcome back to my channel So, today I'm going to be bringing you this really cute cupcake nail art design It's pink and purple and just really cute and it was SO simple That's why this video isn't that long So, I really hope you enjoy and I hope you like it! So let's just get straight on to it So I started off with a base coat And a pink colour like a light pink, baby pink all over my nails like every single nail Now I got this little fuchsia colour And I put it onto a needle I think it was And I started drawing lines on my thumb and my ring finger And they don't have to be perfect as you can see mine definitely aren't And then I put some white onto a CD case And I used my large dotting tool to make some dots Horizontally across the middle of my nail And I forgot to record the rest of that nail but I'm doing the exact same thing on my ring nail so I'll just show you on that So I used the white to fill it in And now I'm getting my red and I'm actually using the end of a fan brush Because it was bigger than my dotting tool and I wanted a big cherry So then I just put a dot And then I just put on some top coat to seal it all in and.

That's it! I know! So simple! So I really hope you enjoyed this nail art design I hope you try it And it is really simple I promise my next nail art design will be a little more complicated! I hope you enjoyed Give it a like if you did and subscribe And I love you so much Byeeee!! <3.