Cute & Easy Nail Designs Art For Beginners #3 – Black Gold & White Designs

hi everyone and welcome to Lancengi ifyou can't tell already I am super thick today but the show must go on right really and we're going to show you livethree easy nail designs that I know you guys will enjoy and I 10 which mp3 mail designed to yourfavorite Medicare number one manicure number two or manicure number three make sure putthem in the comments down below and if you recreate any abuse nail ourcreations like I am gonna be holding a contest it'sgoing to you know I'm finish on August 1st and an emaildesigns Patterson minute to me through Instagram all are on my facebook channel will be entered into the contest if you use thehash tag L and she mail art I'm going to look for three nail designsthat are my favorite and I'm gonna offer a twenty five dollargift card till anywhere you would like if there's over 500 ass missions I'mgoing to on Copley gift card amount fifty dollars each youcan use happened nine nail designs that I've created so farand that the first video the second video or today's video anddon't forget to thumbs up if you are enjoying the series hey and for those of you that cannotstand my voice I am up playing caption down below just radio so you can turn off that volumealright guys I have a few in the next video how let's get into meany Monday I starting with manicure number one ibn with the white base coat and took acontrast in color black and created large dot in a circularshape across my mail I never thought it I use last Don and larger dog it created a large looking up flower but when I used smaller dot he created a paper flower meow I think bigger flower it moreintricate and prettier and lengthens the nail buteither way it looks gorgeous so here I am taking medium-sized dottingtool and I am applying a second coat of colorto my new design you can see here the smaller male design that I had doneearlier just so you can see the difference now Audi a8 third layer Up Paddle I'm just using the medium sized dottingtool I'm going to go ahead and add the thirdlayer dot and also fell in them the rest atthe NEA now I'm going had the center to theflower by taking my large dotting tool and placing it in the center up peopleour this is going to be our pal so I'm justadding an additional couple up colors to the center that nailand then I'm going to add some more depth than anti adding small dots the size of a toothpick to the naildesign yes the finish nail designs for both thelarger and smaller males I love this nail line I think itlengthens the nail in it looks so gorgeous moving onto manicure number two or tocreate manicure I started by peeing my nails twodifferent colors and taking a three different size dotting tools withthe large dotting tool I placed three large dot com email now place to medium sized circles on adiagonal in between both fat a large circles with a toothpick or the smallest dottingtool available fill in the rest of the mail designed byjust putting small dots in between all the dots that you create then and then just add a few extra dot mini ends at the nail design here's the finished manicure Iabsolutely love this manicure I think it's so beautiful just make sure that your mail completelydry be four you at a top coat /url still smear the circle moving onto manicure numberthree you're going to start by taking somemail key male tape order by cutting some stripped of scotchtape which would take a lot of time but itcan be done you're going to place an axe on the top portion up your emailreally make sure that you push down that male Cape so that when you apply the Polish thatmale tape isn't gonna move and create smears in your design now either taking your nail polish brushor a small dotting tool you're going to fill ineach section up the axe I enjoy using differentcontrast colors but you can use glitter polish oranything new really one to really make this naildesigns so beautiful on crafty but every male that you fell and you'regoing to pull off the mail tape immediately before movingon to the next nail here's what the finish manicure looklike with the topcoat I love this nail design I think it's so beautiful and it's soeasy to recreate if you make any mistakes at this now tofind all you need to do is had your bottom polish right over the nail in just kinda Smith thatout and then add your top coat you're done I hope you guys enjoyed this easy maylack for beginners video number three and if you recreate any of these looksmake sure to send it to me on Instagram or Facebook and here is one ofmy favorite male designs from the last video I will see you guys next Monday I.