Cute Fall / Halloween Nail Art Design for short nails: Ombré Candy Corn Nails.

Hi guys ! Welcome back to my channel ! In today's video I am going to be showing you 2 variations of candy corn nails.

For this nail tutorial you will need orange, yellow and white nail polish.

Also, you will need top and base coat, makeup sponge and some rhinestones.

I hope you will like this video! So lets get started ! As usual I will start with applying my base coat and then I will apply white nail polish on my index finger, my middle finger and my pinky.

On my other 2 nails I will apply yellow nail polish.

For gradient design this time I will be using orange and yellow nail polish.

Now I will paint onto my sponge a generous amount of this 2 colors.

Then I will press sponge lightly on and I will press sponge couple times to create this nice gradient effect.

You can use scotch tape to tape off skin around your nail if you wanna save some time on clean up I just noticed I achieve better results when I am not using scotch tape.

Now I am using q-tip and nail polish remover to clean up nail polish on the skin around my nail.

As you can see I am using makeup sponge and white nail polish remover to create a french tip.

The same steps I did with my index nail.

And I will do the same with my pinky.

Remember you will need to re – apply polish to the makeup sponge for each nail, so that gradient will stick nicely.

After I am done with creating gradient on my nails I will apply a top coat.

Then I will apply rhinestones to my nails painted with yellow nail polish.

If you don't have any rhinestones you can skip this step.

I just love how my nails look with rhinestones.

And he is my first variation of candy corn nails.

I really happy with this result.

And I think this nails look very pretty and girly.

And this nails perfect for Halloween.

Let me know what you think about this variation.

Now lets move on to the second variation.

So for this one I decided to do gradient on all my nails.

As you can see right now I am creating a gradient on my ring finger.

After I am done with creating my gradient I will apply a top coat and will add rhinestones on all my nails.

I think with rhinestones my nails will look more fancy and adorable.

And I really love this variation too.

You probably already know I am in love with ombre nails.

And I love to create gradient with different color combinations.

I really love this color combination.

My nails look so yummy.

I am in love with these 2 variations Dont forget to let me know which one is your favorite If you do recreate this nails please send me your photos on Facebook or Instagram I will put links to them in my description box below Thank you so much for watching ! Please subscribe ! And I will see you next time ! Bye !.