Cute Flowers and Dragonfly Nail Art | ArcadiaNailArt

Welcome, in today's video I'm going to be creating some contemporary, whimsical looking flowers.

Begin with a striping brush.

Create your stripe and then to make a fern just use the tip of the striping brush at a 45 degree angle.

For the other flowers just paint a line then put larger and smaller dots at the top.

I'll list all the materials in the description box below.

To create a flower shape use a small dotting tool to put little dots all the way round the edge of one of the larger dots.

You can then finish the design with some little butterflies or dragonflies, anything that you're easily able to create.

Finish off with dots of your base colour on top of all of the rounded flowers.

This will make the flowers look hollow and more contemporary.

Once you've covered in topcoat, you're done.