Cute Halloween Gel Nails How-to Japanese Nail Art [English Subs] – 可愛いハロウィーンネイル

Cute Halloween Nails! First, lets apply a base coat.

This time, with halloween as the theme start by mixing orange and white gel to make the color for a pumpkin! For all the art, use a very narrow tipped brush.

Lets start with the pumpkin Leave some small spaces, which we will outline with white later.

Next, is a white ghost! Next, mix some white, black, and beige, and make a greige color.

On the remaining fingers, draw cloud-like french designs Next, mixing yellow and white, make a pastel yellow for the moon! Time to outline the pumpkin.

Use black to draw faces on the pumpkin and ghost.

Now, add a bat to the moon design! On the cloud-like french, dab a drop of gel on the nail and add some star holograms.

Finally, give everything a top coat, and we're done!.