Cute Halloween Nails!

(Beautiful intro) Hey guys whats going on Its ThePolishLab 😀 I know what most of you guys are thinking "WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN YOU'VE BEEN GONE FOR LIKE TWO MONTHS HAVEN'T POSTED HAVEN'T LIKE EVEN TOLD ANYBODY WHERE YOU ARE!" (Pause) Well I have a good reason School 😛 And I am so sorry if I don't post as much anymore But I will try my best post at least Once a week Let's get on with the video.

Again Ok so you're gonna want to start off with a Green this is pretty sheer This is one coat it's [Um] A Color Club from pastel The second coat and third coat which was perfect and So now your gonna do Frankenstein's like weird hairline It kind of reminds me of grass Or like water drips on a nail Pretty interesting pretty intense That hairline though.

Pretty n- Pretty cool (Memes XP) So yeah i'm just going to finish up this Hair thing.

It's so awkward to do these voiceovers you have no idea Its just.



Okay now that we're done with the Awkwardness we're going to add two Eyeballs that are closer to each other So it adds kind of a cute effect Because if it was a farther apart it would look less cute and just like Pretty ugly >o< If you know what I mean So now after this you are Going to add little smiley faces That first one was perfect (Silence) Let's see how this one turned out (More Silence) Ok.


This looks terrible you know what this reminds me of.

Tina Belcher from that Um.

(Forgets) Bobs Burgers Unlike the ring finger I'm gonna probably fix that Tina Belcher one And comment down below if you watch Bob's Burgers And I did the rest of my fingers As you can see And I fixed the Tina Belcher One it looks normal It looks like (Weird laugh) Weird face that she made That one episode And next get- add a.

XD Topcoat trying not to smudge it by going Lightly over kind of gliding barely Touching the brush on the nail So you don't smudge it and you are done My audio cut off again And you can probably Hear the washer In the house But you know what just ignore that Please like, comment, and subscribe! And share with friend! I hope you recreate this design if you do then just comment down below that you recreated it and.

Have a great day you guys goodbye.