Cute Hello Kitty Nail Art Design

Hi guys, it’s Sandi and in today’s tutorialwe’re going to be working on this super cute and easy Hello Kitty design! So let’sget started.

Start off with a base coat to protect yournatural nails.

By the way, happy easter weekend guys! If you haven’t seen the easter designthat went up earlier this week, click the info card in the top right hand corner togo watch it.

It’s the perfect design for this weekend 🙂 Next I’m taking this red polish from essieand I’m painting my thumbs, index, and my pinky nails with it.

You may need two coatsto get it opaque.

For the ring finger, you will need a brightyellow polish.

And finally, for the middle finger which willfeature kitty’s face, we’re going to paint it white.

To draw the eyes, I like to first use a dottingtool to map out the general shape and area where the eye will go.

It’s hard to createperfect ovals with a dotting tool, so I then use a black striper, or you could use a tinypaint brush with some black polish on it, to clean up and perfect the shape.

For the nose, use a yellow polish and a dottingtool to create a horizontal oval.

Then go in with the black striper to do a thin outlinearound it to really make it pop.

Add three little lines on each side of thenail for Kitty’s whiskers.

Now onto her bow.

Add a red dot for the centrefor the bow using a dotting tool.

And then use a smaller dotting tool to roughly drawout the ends of the bow.

Don’t worry about the edges being perfect, because we will tidythem up with the black striper.

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Kitty is all done! Moving on to the ring finger,we’re going to add a big red heart.

This is so easy to do, all you need to do is pressdown the big dotting tool and drag it inwards and then do the same for the other side.

Again,we’re going to outline it in black to really make the heart pop! Once you’re done that, finish off with afast drying top coat to seal in your design and add a beautiful shine! And that’s it.

If you decide to give this design a try, please tag me on social media so I can see it! Takecare and I’ll seeya next time.