Cute Japanese Emoji Nails

Hi guys, it’s Sandi and in today’s tutorialI have these super cute or should I say Kawaii haha Japanese Emoji nails to share with you!So let’s get started! Start off with a base coat to protect yournatural nails.

This will also help to adhere the nail colors you apply on top of it.

Nowlet’s move onto the color.

For the pinky nail, I’m using this brightpastel pink.

Use two coats of the color to increase the opacity.

Then use a dotting toolto add two eyes.

Next use a black striper or a tiny paintbrush dipped into black tocreate the mouth.

I’m doing a big open mouth smile on this one.

Then I’m adding a littleline to each eye to make this one a girl.

Using a different shade of pink I’ll beadding in some rosy cheeks and then two little white dots on the eyes to bring them to life.

Let’s do a few more so you can get the hangof the different eyes and mouths you can choose from to make yours! For this nail I’ve chosena pastel yellow polish and I’m creating his eyes using greater than and less thansigns and I did a curved line for his smile.

Then add in the cheeks to make him totallycute.

The next color I’ve chosen is a pastel green.

Remember you can use any colors you’d like, it just helps if all the colors you use gotogether well like this pastel palette I’ve chosen.

Dot two eyes, then make a deeper smilethis time with the striper.

Don’t forget those rosy cheeks, and of course, the littlewhite dots for pupils.

Let’s do one more.

This time with a brightand pretty pastel purple color.

Once that’s dry we’re going to mix up the eyes by givingthis one a dotted one and a closed one.

Then let’s do a shocked mouth by drawing a circlewith the striper.

And as always, complete it with rosy cheeks and white dotted eyesfor the cutest look.

Finish off with a fast drying top coat.

Thiswill seal in your design and add a beautiful shine to your nails.

And that’s it! Letme know in the comments which emoji face was your favorite, and also if you give this designa try, please show me on twitter and instagram using the hashtag #cutepolish! Take care andI’ll seeya next time :).