Cute Nails! Nail Art inspired by XoJahtna

In this tutorial I'll show you how to getthis beautiful manicure inspired by Jahtna's stitched nails.

Jahtna is an amazing nailartist, so make sure to check out her channel called XoJahtna, which I will link in thedescription bar below.

She makes gorgeous nail art designs and I also love her uniqueway of filming.

Hello everyone! You always ask me to film more cute and girly nail arttutorials, so I think you'll love this one! We're making adorable stitched nails, whichare very easy and quick to make, but look fantastic in the end.

Ready? Let's go!Let's kick off by applying a base coat to protect our nails from staining.

Once thisis dry apply 2 layers of medium pink polish on all the nails.

I like this shade so much,true Barbie pink right? Now we need to draw on different shapes, whichwill be our stitched patches on the nails.

For example I will make hearts, squares, trianglesand circles.

I think the easiest way to make a perfect heart and triangle shape is usinga tape.

Fold a piece of tape in half and draw on half of a heart shape or half of a triangle.

Cut the heart and the triangle out and unfold the tape.

Place your stencil on the nail.

As you can see I am making two hearts and one triangle.

Apply a white polish on thesponge and dab the color on the nail, or you can just color the shapes using a polish brush.

Quickly remove the tape while the polish is still wet and you're left with a perfect heart,triangle, or any other symmetrical shape that you want to make.

Some forms are very easyto make just using a polish brush.

So on my thumb for example I am making a part of thesquare like so and on the pointer a part of the circle.

You can also draw some shapesusing a small paint brush.

I bought this one in a craft store.

On my pinky I am drawinga part of the square on the top corner of the nail and a circle in a bottom corner.

So here is how your nails should look so far.

Remember that you can draw any forms you likeand you can also use another color instead of white.

OK, now we need to draw some patternson our white patches.

I'll make some stripes, dots and hearts using two different shadesof pink.

One will be the same Barbie pink as I have for the base and one a bit darker.

On the middle finger I went for pink stripes on the square patch and dots on the circle.

On the pinky I am making hearts using a toothpick and a dotted pattern.

I like to use a Barbiepink to make the pattern on one white patch and a darker pink polish on the other whitepatch.

On the pointer I made some stripes in the triangle and hearts in the circle.

On the thumb, I decided to fill the heart with polka dots and the square with hearts.

Here is how the nails look so far! I think they are super adorable already, but we stillneed to make some final touches.

Using a small paint brush, a striper or even a toothpick,outline the edges of all the shapes.

I am using a black polish for this, but you canuse a grey one if you want a softer look.

Just make thin lines on the edges of all yourforms and your nails should look like this.

Lastly we need to make stitches by drawingshort black lines on the edges of all our shapes.

Now the hearts, squares, trianglesand circles will look like they are stitched onto our nails.

I like how stitches give thatcartoon-ish feel.

I am using a paint brush for this but a toothpick would work just asgreat.

And this is how our nails look when stitched with cute different shapes! Prettyawesome right? Let the nails dry for at least half an hour and then apply a fast dryingtop coat to seal and protect the design.

Now the nails are finished and absolutely stunning.

I think they look so cute, girly and unique.

You can totally use different colors and makecountless variations from this nail art idea, just have fun with it.

Let me know in thecomments what you think of this manicure.

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial and willtry to make lovely stitched nails yourself.

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