Cute Reindeer & Fair Isle Holiday Nail Art Tutorial

Hey everybody! For this nail art tutorialI am showing you how to create this cute reindeer nail art.

Start by painting your middle fingernailwhite.

Paint your index and your ring fingernails red.

And then paint your pinky and your thumbnails gold.

I am using a super sparkly glitter polish.

On the red nails I created a reallysimplified version of a fair isle christmas sweater.

Start by making a really small squarein the center of your nail.

Then on each side of that square make a very small chevron triangleshape.

Then you can extend them using some straight lines and then add another chevronon the end of it.

And then you can also fill them in Go back in with red and split the shapes thatwe just made in half.

Then using a dotting tool put a dot in eachempty corner.

And to finish off the red nails put a whitestripe above and below your little snowflake.

To make the reindeer on the white nail I startedwith his antlers.

I made a base for the antlers using two curved lines.

Then I extended theantlers up using some more wavy and curved lines and then I made them look symmetrical.

To create his ears I used two almond shapes.

To get this color I mixed orange and brown acrylic paint.

To create his nose make a red circle.

And then to complete your reindeer give himtwo tiny little black dots for eyes.

I just left the gold nails plain, so whenyou are finished you can apply your favorite top coat.

I hope you guys enjoyed this design and thevideo.

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