DIY 3 Cute & Easy Halloween Nail Art YOU CAN ACTUALLY DO! | Lancengi

so you're here because you will learn three manicure that are super classy super easy and it's style of halloween make sure to check out my other halloween nail are you can click right in this corner or you can check the description down below for a full Halloween playlist stay tuned until the end and I'm going to be announcing a contest but let's get right into the first manicure to create this harvest inspired manicure you're going to always protect your natural nails by applying your favorite base coat i'm using Essie's first base to all of my nails now going in with your favorite orange polish i'm using an OPI nail lacquer in the color in my back pocket for two coats and now because we're trying to keep these manicures as simple as possible i am going in with a glitter polish by OPI in the color orange you fantastic and I'm just going to simply paint on three coats of the glitter polish and apply my favorite top colors of the finished manicure looks like when it's all design i definitely recommend when you're using letter to make sure to apply more than one top coat if you still feel those bumpy ridges and also i have to tell you this definitely gives off best of vybz for the holiday season let's move on to manicure number two moving right along to manicure number two what you are going to start off this manicure using your favorite orange polish and apply two coats to your thumb middle finger and your pointer finger then going in with a gold polish apply it to your bring finger and taking the final color you can go in with a nice brown color or you can go in with a dark black which is what i decided to do and then because i am a glitter Queen went ahead and added some bling here's what the finished manicure looks like when it's all done i absolutely love this manicure I think this manicure is completely on point unintended with the current theme of this time of the year started with my new favorite white base it is called prime and pop by SE going to be painting my nails one coat then going in with orally in the color summer sunset it's nice sheer color going to apply one coat to my nails then going in with a second coat I'm going to wipe off most of the polish off my brush and apply it in a couple spots on my accent nails go in with a white polish i'm using SE blanc i'm going to go ahead and apply to three stripes / accent finger using the same dry brush technique I'm going to move a little bit to the left of the white stripes and apply a gold stripe are never complete without some glitter so i'm going in with SE a rock at the top and just applying a glitter to the gold portion only here is the finished manicure when it's all done and i have to tell you this manicure I'm completely obsessed with I've done it in blue also using the same technique and let me tell you this is just a gorgeous manicure that you can't mess up no matter how lacking of skills that you have I hope you enjoy this manicure you want to give it a go during the month of $MONTH october i'm going to be doing a giveaway or some kind of contest each week starting with right now well one of you guys are going to be winning a $25 gift card to amazon to use on whatever you like all you have to do is let me know what managers you want to see that our halloween inspire in the month of $MONTH october in the comments section down below the window must be a part of the land of G families so you have to be subscribed to win going to go ahead and put everybody's names into a pot and then i'm going to pull the winner at the end of the week and I'm going to announce that winter in the next video so make sure to stay tuned so i'll see you guys in the next video and I can't wait to see what kind of ideas you guys come up with five.