DIY Cute & Easy Nail Art For Beginners #22 : Valentines Day Nail Designs

Hi Everyone, and welcome back to lancengi Im Gianna and in todays video.

If you can't tell that Lady G.

trying to say hello She has a ball that is stuck under the couch and I won't get it for her.

Because every time i get it she puts it back as you can tell in the background today is lance's birthday! woo I have some exciting news today to share with you guys I asked two beauty gurus on the internet Glitter to gaming and macshadowcomobo to pick ee you know %uh girl had K in 2001 where company I had Hill PR contact: I Hewitt me 38 98 Friday night honey and yeah he holiday contact see youtonight and AM I issue Euclid AT&T and all 13 Natasha watching this video series you know husbandry color p last week asking youwhat color you want to defeat this weekend on whereyou live red/black by unanimous decision comments down below waking up thank you feedback make your number one he will or3 not what he lacks in jail me number one hiking and polish hungry you would like to thank me oneach nail Sep PNT are small dining 3d small heart build remain faith with a few got now White Hart dry cover heart with a brat polish togive it a little pop and a flirty yell on accent nail startby creating a higher in the corner of canal and adding a fewlarge not fanning the dots I decided that I wanted to had anadditional heart the bottom corner I think other remaining faith with small medium and large lol manicure toodry at a top I think manicured lookbeautiful with a high-gloss shine or matted andmake your number two is super simple and can be done three stops fun up I two coats any policy would like till I crackle top cope and 3 on that access can't create aheart with the crackle polish finish designedwith either hide behind already managed polish to finish this heartbreaker me any peerwhere my heart breaker bad me number three can also be done inthree fat one a couple of college and apply one coatkill take a red polish and apply color teal alittle bit below the black 3 Applied Math polish or high glossshine and letter to happening you can use a rush or a at Donington law for theplacement the glitter finish manicure looks likecell with me here was your favorite manicure one here or three doing thisvideo I wanna see more like it but Nobody University %uh I am now let me introduce you Sheila see you can hear hear hybrid is one my name is garbarino also known as backshadow combo here on do and pump mmm I guess Sam however computer nerd Ilove software programs I love learning thesoccer program shares or did the nail designs such anidiot gorgeous here week seem that help and I'll Ford really hard thank you so much here a glitter keke month you know can't from company hired going to bed me T-ball so I'm takingpart he all you know I you want thank you so much girls for a reason you're not mine subscriber youmy friend here on YouTube thank you so much for watching andsubscribing healthy that next level by.