DIY Cute & Easy Nail Art for Beginners #23 : 50 Shades of Gray – Lancengi

mr mister gray will see you now on I'm there's not much to know about me applytwo coats of my silk tie wipe most the glitter off the brush and applya coat shine for me to the top of your nailadd a second coat of up shine for me and focus on the top exercise control and apply two coats Dark Side of the Moon with the dottingtool and my silk tie create a V shape at the bottom of each nail What would happen if I stayed apply a coat of cement the deal create one stripe Dark Side of theMoon the second straight an oppositedirection with my silk tie and a third strip in the opposite direction of cement the deal by OPI repeat until your nail is covered for an uncontrollablefinish apply a matte top coat I hope each of you find your Mr Greyand I will see you next Monday don't forget there's only two weeks leftto the nail art contest make sure to get your entry in.

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