DIY Cute & Easy Nail Art for Beginners #24 : Valentines Day Pink Designs

Hey everyone and welcome back to Lance andG I'm Gianna and in today's video I'm going to be sharing 3 easy nail designs for beginners.

The key is to always make your managers look like they were difficult to create.

But it'llbe our little secret on how easy they are.

Many of you have re-created the nail designsin this Valentine's Day series and if you stay till the end I'll be showing a few ofmy favorites! There is only one week left until the Valentine's Day nail art contestis done and glitter to gaming a Mac shadow combos will be picking a winner each.

I amthinking about doing a St.

Patrick's Day nail serious if you guys want me to create theultimate guide to St.

Patrick's Day nail or leave this video a thumbs up! Let's get intothe first manicure!! Manicure number one you're going to take someliquid latex and apply it on your skin with a synthetic brush.

When I start a gradiant design…I always start out by applying a base polish Colorand allow it to dry Now taking three colors I am choosing a redwhite and pink.

I find that the sponge does not absorb the polish if I wet the makeupsponge before I apply the polishes.

After you have Applied a few coats on eachnail Carefully remove the late text with a toothpick.

This is my first time using it.

And feel like it is not as easy as it looks! If you have any tips to share make sure tocomment down below! Manicure number two I really like to use contrastingcolors to get a pop! Sometimes I like to place a few polish dots in a pattern to see whatdesign appears… lol Using a sandwich baggie I gently press downon the wet polish.

carefully removed the bag… and wait for your polish to dry beforeyou add a top coat! Manicure number three after painting yournails two coats of any polish you would like Take a dotting tool or bobby pin and createa heart on the top of your accent nail.

If you're like me and love glitter add glitterto the center of each nail… Which manicure was your favorite manicurenumber 12 or three let me know in the comments down below.

And don't worry if you don't havea Valentines this year… Because I will be your Valentine! I promised Tina that we wouldout to the movies and see 50 shades of gray and each of you are welcome to join us!!!Know that each of you hold a special place of my heart and I feel so blessed that eachof you have chosen to be apart of the Lancengi family! Life would not be nearly as fun ifI didn't have you to share my obsession with! Talking about obsessions here are my favoriterecreations sooo far!.