DIY Cute & Easy Nail Art For Beginners – 3 Birthday Nail Polish Designs! Lancengi

hi to my first nail art video i'm goingto be sharing with you three easy nail art designs that are going to be perfectfor celebrating your birthday I've done to other videos that arebirthday inspired and I've been doing this for almost a year round.

I'm goingto get right to the video so you don't mess up your manicuredefinitely prepare your supplies before starting this manicure start off bytaking your favorite birthday polish and applying it to your pinky finger yourmiddle finger and your thumb you applying glitter this way will show upspotty and non glamorous and it's your birthday so we need to make sure thatglitter goes on thick if you don't have liquid latex i'm goingto show you how to apply glitter without making a mess you're going to start byapplying some just to the tip of the makeup sponge and lightly adding glitterto the nail until you're happy with the opacity of the glitter you will want torepeat these steps until you're happy with the way the glitter looks on thenail adding a small amount of glitter to the tip of the sponge and applying it tothe nail only with some acetone and a square tip brush and clean up around thecuticle here's what the finished manicure looks like completely a partyon your nails am I right let's move on to manicurenumber two moving onto manicure number two you'regoing to start off by painting all your nails a glitter polish since this is thefirst time i'm using latex on my channel i wanted to show you how to use it you're doing some research i decided topick up simply peel off of amazon offered a link in the description downbelow if you want to grab some but it's very simple you're going to paint aroundyour nail and make sure to get as close to the cuticle without going on theactual nail itself gonna go in with your purple polish which is one of myfavorite birthday colors watch how easy this says you're justallowing some of the glitter polish to peek out at the top of the nail becauseyou are planning / glitter you might have to do two or three coats of thepurple polish so while that's drying go in with your glitter polish and apply itto sponge and once you're finished with the opacity you're going to remove thelatex barrier and let me tell you it's very satisfying so again one two three coats of thatpurple polish will make sure that design is as beautiful as the birthday girlherself here's what the finished manicure lookslike when it's done and let me tell you eat the amount of compliments you willget on this nail design is sometimes a little overwhelming what do you think are you going to giveit a try yeah moving right along to manage your number three since you are you don't have to applythe glitter to your nails you're going to apply two coats of a pink polish andapply some glitter make sure your nails are dry completely before you apply thelatex barrier in AV shape on your nails make sure to go ahead and get every spotaround your nail as possible and then using the same technique as we learnedearlier with the sponge you're going to apply glitter and before that glitterdries completely you're going to take off the latex barrier and hua Wei and we're gonna celebrate yeah and let me know in the comments whichmanicures your favorite manicure number 123 and i will see you in the next video.