DIY Cute & Easy Nail Art For Beginners – Flowers + no Tools options! #41

can we we everyone and welcome back to land in gI'm Tiana and today's video we're going to be a number a lot for beginners if you have seenthis series will show some pictures so you can see some of the nail art fromeasy nail art for beginners so basically this series it's all aboutreading mail art that anyone at any level can do at the video and going tolet you know how to and from your contacts in the end and let's get rightin yeah alright so manicure number one westarted off with two coats SE polish and it is in the color cute as a button which is one of myfavorite baby pink colors and we're using this off white polish by a sea andit's called tucked in my talks alright so what we're going to do iswe're going to go in with a light pink polish and this is by SE and it's calledFuji it's one of my favorite light baby pink colors and we're going to go in andcreate between two and three little blogs on each of these white nails moviein with the gold polish this is good as gold we're going to create elegantleaves go in with either toothpick or you could use a thin nail brush likethis or you could use a dotting tool that's kind of toothpick inspired I liketo create between two to three leaves her flower and the greatest part aboutthis nail art is it doesn't have to be perfect and I'm just creating littletriangles that simulate leaves and now i'm going to go ahead and do the pinkyand I'll be right back so now we're going to create those rowsdetails with the same polish we used here which was cute as a button I'm going to go in with a toothpick andi am going to out line these roses that's the first thing iwant to do and I'm going to do this in it like in a little see patterns thatare you know a little uneven and they're going to create a nice little rosepattern for us just like that and now i'm going to move on to my pinkyfinger and do the exact same alright so here is the finished manicureI think this manicure is so beautiful and so romantic and perfect for almostany seasoned really because of this elegant that gold accent on the leavingreally turns up its design and i hope you want to give it a try let's move on to manicure number two moving right along to manicure numbertwo I am starting out the coats of these twopolishes here we're going to use this gold polish to create two bows alongthese two nails here i'm going to do that by first taking a thin stripingbrush when you dip it into the paint is we're going to create a line rightacross the nail here and that's going to be our guide and what we're going to dois we're going to make these little wider like a bow just like that now we're going to do the other side alright so now i'm going to go ahead anddo it with my pinky finger and I'll be right back now going in with the light purplepolish and this is called full steam ahead by a sec i'm going to apply itright on the center portion and see how it's not really perfect that's what we want so psyched by SEwe're going to actually go in and make it be the leaves of the flower the rose so I'm just taking some putting it ontoa little like a post it I'm going to go on with a toothpick andcreate our leaves and I always like to.

it on and then fill it in same thing we'regoing to just do three leaves so i always think that looks so much better you hear all that shuffling in thebackground that's my hubby is making us go through our entire life of paper andget rid of it all now i'm going to go in with the darkpurple polish here and I am going to create the outline of the rows using thetoothpick all right so here's a manicure numbertwo also very elegant and very romantic and keeping the theme a floral we haveour second set of roses that's kind of funny two sets of roseshere you can kind of see how they both looking comparison by next to each otherkind of cool this was made here number one and thismanicure number two and if you guys are feeling super fancy you can always addsome white to the design as you can see i did that on my app practice manicure so i hope you liked manicurenumber two let's move right along to Medicarenumber oh my god number one it all good justlike a parrot touched right oh my god map so make sure you get yournails move along right to manicure numberthree we have two coats of SES full steam ahead and I've applied two coatsto these two nails here is I'm going to take the white and I'm going to dip itinto the purple and i am going to start mixing just like that until i'm happywith the way that rose looks good and gold to this just because I think goldis such a gorgeous glam color you can't really go wrong with gold gold pedals itis alright so moving right along to our pinky and i will be right back when it'syour manicure number three looks like when it's all finished I love of this design I think it looks soclassy and I think it'll make any manicure looks super romantic and at thesame time of the roses were so easy to create it took 20 time all right well i hope you enjoyed thismanicure and give it a try which manicure with your favorite manicurenumber one two or three let me know in the comments section downbelow if you like anything nail art design make sure you enter thenail art contest going on right now you can use any of the nail art on mychannel take a picture of that nail art and uploaded to Instagram or Twitterusing the hashtag lng quality content I think that's what it is up to the linki'll show you right here basically what the hashtag is so don'tmess it up and make sure to tag me at lance and jeans so I don't miss yourdesign I will see that we give each other yeah.