DIY Cute & Easy Nail Art for Beginners – Fruit Nail Polish Designs

Hello love welcome back to Lancengi I'm Giannaand today is national watermelon day.

To celebrate this delicious summer fruit I've created easyto follow watermelon manicure and watermelon pedicure if you re-create either one of thesedesign send us a picture on Instagram or Twitter using the hashtag LNG nail art.

Last monthI have a contest and the winner won a one hour hangout with me and at the end of thevideo I'll show you some of the highlights from that our hang out let's take a bite outof summer I get into the first manicure.

To create this easy watermelon design you'regoing to take a bobby pin or mechanical pencil and create some large Stotts at the tip ofyour nail and gradually get smaller in size as you move towards the cuticle you're goingto repeat step one with as few or as many colors you would like this gorgeous watermeloncolor is by Essie called bachelorette bash this gorgeous yellow color is by MaybellineNew York angst called fears and tangy and I'm using the same technique using largerdots at the tip of the nail and gradually getting smaller towards the cuticle now makesure to allow enough nail polish to dry before applying a top coat now moving onto this summerwatermelon pedicure.

Start off by painting your toes two coats of any polish color youwould like on the accent tell create the watermelon skin by taking a toothache and some greenpolish and creating squiggly lines and these don't have to be perfect which is the bestpart now to create the watermelon on your big tell your create a white smile line thattakes up about a third of your nail apply the white polish to your nail and if you applyany white polish on your skin you can wipe it off with your nail or some kind of toolI find it easiest to use a pair of tweezers when removing a any sticker from your nails.

If you don't have patients like myself make sure to apply a fast drying topcoat I recommendsuch a V-8 before moving onto the green skin of your watermelon if you're watching thisright now you can see that this was a miserable failure trying to get the smile piece on therebut when I finally did I was so happy I went ahead and use the light green polish for theskin.

And I mediately removed it to ensure there was a nice clean line now we're gonnause the same technique as we used on the accent toe.

Just use a little dotting motions tocreate squiggly lines on only the green portion of your nail now moving onto the seeds.

Nowthis is the first time I've ever created large seeds on my nails and let me tell you thiswas very difficult task for me and I thought it would be best using a nail brush and yeahthat didn't turn out so well.

So I found out a toothpick actually work betterand here's what the other side turned out like and I really like that better.

So knocking ally I'm really curious did you guys enjoy seeing the pedicure design or wasit really really weird let me know in the comments section down below cause I'm on thefence I don't know if it's weird I don't know if it's awesome so it's really pouring outthere do you hear that if you end up re-creating either one of these designs I will featureyou next week if I love the re-creations and I'm thinking about doing birthday nails nextmonth August -17th#winning speaking of winning I wanted to show you guys some of my favoriteparts of the hang out from last months nail art design so let's get right into that.