DIY Cute & Easy Nail Art for Beginners – Gold Square Nails – NO TOOLS – Fab Friday # 14

Welcome back to another #FabFridayNails! Today's manicure was create by my lovely bestie,Tanya! We create this design for my first ever nail art event to match a dress fromOn Trend shop.


To see more fab friday design be sure to checkout the playlist – ill leave a link to the playlist in the description below Lets get into the tutorial – 1.

Paint your nails any color you would like.

Im using white polish by Orly in the colorWhite Tips and a gold polish by Orly in the color LUXE.


After wiping most of the polish off ofthe brush, create the large diamonds in both the gold ( Orly – Luxe ) and silver ( wetn wild – Silvivor ) polishes.


Fill in the remain space with small diamondsin both colors.

But, make sure to leave some white space fora clean and classic look.


Once dry, create smaller diamonds insidethe larger ones using the opposite color.

Wait for the design to dry and apply yourfavorite top coat – Im using Seche Vite.

Here is what the finished manicure looks likewhen its done.

Tanya likes this design because she lovesto shine! I love this design because it makes me looks super tan and feel trendy! If you recreate this manicure send us a pictureon instagram using the #FabFridayNails and Tag me @Lancengi so I can be notified of yourdesigns.

If your enjoying fabulous nails and would like to see more designs let me knowby leaving this video a thumbs up.