DIY Cute & Easy Nail Art Polish Designs for Beginners! #1 – Fourth of july

hi everyone and welcome to my channel I'mGianna with Lance and Jean today I wanted to do a brand-new series it was inspired bythe lovely Miss Jen fabulous let me give you a back history so I must fast with nail designsI literally have been doing them for a couple years now and I thought to myself why am Inot keep creating this series too I love creating easy nail designs why not put it into a seriousand create something that might be fine for you guys so I have decided to start with memorialday all these designs you do not need coronation do you do not need steady hand these new lightsare so simple to re-create I'm gonna kind of do the same thing as Miss Jen fabulousand do three mail designs or three now looks and I want you guys to pick your favoriteand leave it in the comments down below and if you re-create the look I really want tosee them find me on Facebook Instagram or Twitter and use the #LancenGi and if Ilike any of them I'm going to feature you guys because you guys mean a lot to me andit if it wasn't for you guys there would be no Lancengi or any channel for that matterand I'm eternally grateful to you guys for allowing me to get on here and talking toyou guys every Monday so let's get into the manicures really quick because it is manyMonday so let's get into manicure.

Let's get started on tutorial number one so start withthe white bees code on the nail the white caulk polish is going to make all the polishcolors look really bright and happy now add the famous red white and blue colors plusa little silver with a pop of silver glitter if you hate removing glitter from your nailsmake sure to check out my other video on how to remove glitter polish Easley here's whathere's what the finished design looks like with the topcoat this design was so easy tore-create and I hope you enjoyed manicure number one and let's move on to manicure numbertwo because half your Neil is going to be showing I prepped the nail with a pretty newpolish taking a nail striper I'm going to create a V stripe that start halfway up mynail and filling in the V with the white polish now I'm going to add a red V to the top ofthe design and A blue V to the bottom of the design I just added my topcoat to make suremy nails are nice and shiny I wear this nails assigned to the gym yesterday and I was stoppedthree times from women asking me about the look needless to say I'm in love with thisnail design let's move onto the third and final manicure minutes your number three Istarted off by applying two coats of a white polish and took my straw and put it into thered polish.

And I took a deep breath and splattered the polish across my nail and then takingthe blue Potter I splattered it in the option direction across my nail this week manicurereminds me of fireworks and I'll be wearing this manicure for the Fourth of July.

So whatdid you think did you enjoy miniature number 12 or manicure number three make sure to letus in the comments below down below and don't forget to send your Wii creations to me onFacebook Instagram or Twitter #Lance and G if you enjoyed the snow alert series don'tforget the thumbs up this video so I can re-create more just for you alright I'll see you nextMonday bye.