DIY Cute & Easy Nail Polish Designs for beginners #34

idea and today video was into me lar andincluding my favorite then I think looks amazing on ever getting super three RALtoward each level you know in the comment section below Medicare number 12 or three you're hereto find out who won the BART station and I'll be sharing with you coupon class right managed care's hedied so this is going to be my first non voice over video I'm gonna do it in themoment so you can see where I mess up and how to correct those mistakes if ithappens to you so to circus managed care I'm going to go in with an atty polishand you can use any new truck polish that you would like I'm using a sea andsand Tropez to come to the base polish to all of my nails going in with aburgundy polish hating the heat elongated triangle gonna open up thebottle out he brush and I'm just gonna flip it back Lata rush here and I'm justgoing into the Polish there's so much on their access to allthe way out here I'm actually gonna come in just a little bit because it makesthe nail looks so much longer and if you have short nails like I dothen you completely understand the struggle and I go through on a dailybasis gonna start right here and you know youcan see that china bowl kinda looks you know but it means need to be widened alittle bit on the top here that down just a little bit little bit of a brushand I'm going to fill in this area in the center and that the slicker brush isgoing to help make the cuticle lines so much about her remember to do just alittle bit at a time as you go through and do your manicurist because you can'ttake away but you can always add a gold polish and I am using this color herecreating details we're gonna use hence a detailed brush I'm going to use the sameprocess of coming in here dipping my detail brush into the Polishand then kind of wiping off pack access create a little I'm gonna start slightlyand and come down up see I didn't get enoughpolish on my brush there so just be you know noticed that kind of thing and I'mjust going to go in here and pull it down and going on the other side andhave those two sides meet for those I am so she hearing now going on to winyou're doing like this kind of detail work if it looks ok do not go back andtry to fix it because I guarantee you'll method up and I feel like a super studyand I know some days when I drink too much coffee my hand just goes so here iswhat the manicure of looks like with a high-gloss I love this managed carebecause it makes you look so and I love how it feels like fall and the biggestcaller that we use the neutral base is so in for the month if we can get evencloser you can kind of up-close look at Medicare number to always start with abase coat followed with a beautiful gold metallic polished now I'm going to applya quick drying top coat because I do not have patience to wait for this tocompletely dry and we're going to be applying some mail tape to each of ourmail so while waiting for our polish to dry am gonna start wrapping the nailkeep going to place it here on the edge and I'm going to cut them into smallersections I need five you know this hand and then fired for the other place theseguys and right on the tip of my nail and I normally like to do it right atthe tip of the nail celebrate their and just trying to make it as even aspossible I'll get you some now they're placed all the tape and sorry that Ilike to that off the camera takes so long but I went ahead and did an accentfinger and then I'm going to horizontally the other ones on the other hand the waythis green polish by athey and this is called filling here and hit the nail and I always wanna besuper careful it looks like I'm gonna have to the little girl with this polishbecause I can still see the gold through the nail and I definitely wanna makesure thats covered up and now she's the manner of giving that up to the edgethere looking so far we'll see so now before the nail polish dries and with mytweezers and hopefully we get nice clean lines but I honestly that does not lookclean to me act like the hack ok so I'm gonna have to go in here and maybe touchup with the goals let's see if they all turn out to be very frustrating to melet's try this one really well to be thick enough to cover up the gold somake sure you pick a very opaque polish when you're doing this design guysfracturing I hope we can pick set and if you have any suggestions for me downbelow or all of us leave a damn lie and I just took off some of the Polish andkind of removed it from that little line to hopefully keep doing what I did lasttime so now we're not remove please please please so much better look atthat Chris that line it but if we dodifferent guys maybe it was because I pushed down the email tape before Istarted applying the Polish let's try let this one to remove the tape fingerscrossed my gosh it's perfect so you have to do is make sure that your lines arepushed down all the way gonna be the difference between thislining math and that's perfectly fine yeah ok so let me finish and then i'llshow you what it looks like at the end ok so here is our second managed careand if he follow fashion you know that military inspired will be a huge thisfall and you kind of go with that I decided that this medicare would beperfect and it kind of coordinate with that it has that army green color and ithas that little accent that goal keeping out I hope you wanna try to manage yournumber two and that may help you you know care you and let's move on to manyhere number three alright guys are moving on to Medicarenumber three we're starting off with this gorgeous purple burgundy colorapplying it to almost all except for my index finger and might have actuallyalready given it a try our center very thick there so I'm just gonna try toeven this out a little bit I guess it doesn't have to be too perfect ninthminute go in and apply this gorgeous polish and this is also buy a CEO givenname important probably in the comment section somewhere I'm just gonna put iton the edge here hopefully we don't get any running down the running to leavenow the other side feel so she what's going on here now running now we meanthat started the cuticle and I guess just gonna pull it pull that was notgood do it later guys and go back the other way and go back this way and thatthe other way this why does it look so much better on my fam this looks likecrap guys what just happened what just happened that looks and mutilated can Ifix this do we like that or do we hate it andwhat is going on here and I i dont know does that look pretty I can tell youthat like a nice guy there doesn't look like shit well I think I like it I can'ttell too much it's hard to tell on camera but it's supposed to be like a Drmarble of fact I think it's growing on me so I'm going probably take a fewminutes and I'll add that to drive before adding a top coat but I'll beback in just a second to show you the finished medicare right cell here withthe finish managed care and look like when it's all finished completely on youby and telling you bad the problem that I like about this manicure is that havea very unique feel to it but it's also one of the things that I also heatbecause I would have loved for my manicure to turn out just like this thatI have saved it looks so so pretty and I don't know if it's because there's morespace to her or you know maybe I'm just not being consistent when I create amanaged care by either way I don't love this color for fall let me know in the comments below if youlike this managed care which section below video and you will see more like it leaving video to let the Halloween emailarchiving did this video and you could be doing a fall inspired video and thenwe're gonna get it and so I hope to see you guys.