DIY Cute & Easy New Years Eve Nail Art – Use Glitter on Your Nails Perfectly For NYE

Happy New Year's everyone! In today's videoI'm going to be showing you three glamorous New Year's Eve nail designs! Let me know inthe comments which manicure is your favorite and if you want to see more festive nail designslike this one leave this video thumbs up! Next week I'll be announcing the winner ofthe nail art contest if you would like to enter re-create any of the festive nail artand post a picture on Instagram Facebook or Twitter using the #LNG holiday contest let'sget into the first manicure.

Manicure #1 a nail striper and some polish create 2 halffireworks on the middle finger and ring finger.

placing a dot in the center on the side ofeach nail and create different size lines for the firework by creating lines that connectat this point.

create the other half of the firework.

Now add some glitter for a realisticeffect! For the other nails place smaller firework on each nail and some glitter.

Allow them to dry and apply a top coat! Here's what the finished manicure it looks like withthe topcoat I think this manicure really shows off how beautiful fireworks can be and I hopeyou want to re-create manicure number One let's move onto manicure number two.

Manicure #2 Manicure number two.

Start manicure numbertwo by applying two coats of a black polish once the polish has dried take a glitter polishand in the description I'm going to put exactly which polishes I'm using in all 3 manicures.

Stop by applying the glitter at the cuticle and working the polish towards the tip ofthe nail.

To create the champagne glass start with "u shape" on a diagonal now create theglass.

Draw a horizontal line at the bottom.

And no sharpen up the lines.

Filling yourglass with some sparkling champagne and a topcoat here's what the finish manicure lookslike.

This manicure is unbelievably luxurious looking and you're sure to cheers in the newyear in a glamorous way with this manicure.

Manicure #3 Manicure number three star by using two coatsof any polish you would like….

I choose silver and a white accent nail.

On the Silver nails I'm taking my nail brushand adding some glitter to the bottom portion of my nail and creating a gradient effectgoing towards my cubicle.

Note to create the new year on my nail I'm going to place a 15on the upper portion of my ring finger.

By Using a dotting motion to create the one andthe five.

With a nail striper create a curved blackline along the bottom portion of my nail and place a one and a five inside the silver.

Make sure to allow this manicure to completelydry before applying a topcoat because you don't to drag the colors.

Here is what the finish manicure looks like…I really like the style of this manicure…it reminds me of a varsity jacket, Which is goingto be a big trend in the upcoming new year.

I hope you guys enjoyed watching these threenail tutorials make sure to send me your re-creations on Instagram Twitter or Facebook using the#LNGholidaycontest for a chance to win a $25 Amazon gift card Thank you for Watching and Subscribig! I'llsee you next.