DIY Easy Cute Christmas Gifts Nail Art Polish Designs For Beginners #17 – The Ultimate Guide #4

Hi everyone and welcome back to lancengi intodays video I am going to be showing three easy nail designs that are sure to be theultimate nail art guide for Christmas nails.

In this video I am actually only going tobe using Formula X the holiday gift set from Sephora.

I bought this set for thirty-ninedollars and it comes with twenty-two mini polishes.

It really is the ultimate gift foranyone, a secret Santa, or if you’re a beginner, I mean I have a ton of nail polishes and Iwould love this gift.

Let me know in the comments down below if you would like me to do a reviewon this holiday polish gift set by commenting down below or thumbing up this video.

Mani #1 To start off manicure number 1 paintyour nails any color you would like.

To create the present on your nail your goingto take a nail stripper and some polish and apply the polish to the right third of yournail vertically.

Now take the nail stripper and apply the polishhorizontally across your nail.

Taking a tooth pick and some polish placea dot in the center of the cross section.

Now create an oval shape that meets in theorigin.

Repeat for the other side of the bow.

To create the end of the ribbon your goingto take your dotting tool and create a curved line that is going to create a “C” Here is what the finished manicure looks like.

I really love this blue color I think it really reminds me of beautiful Christmas presentsunder my Christmas tree.

I think this nail design is simple and elegant and really getsyou into the holiday sprit.

i hope you want to recreate manicure numberone.

Lets move onto manicure number two manicure number two.

to recreate manicurenumber two, take two coats of any polish you would like and apply it to your nail Next taking a nail stripper your going tocreate a horizontal line at the center of your nail and two vertical lines that startat the center and work its way down.

Then taking your nail brushFill in the rectangle portion on your nail now taking a nail stripper create a crossin the center of your nail by placing a vertical line down the center of your present and Ifind its easiest if you do the horizontal line in two sections.

I like the bow to be centered so I place threeguiding dots.

So the top dots are going to be were my bow is going to end and the centerdot is going to be where the center dot is going start.

And I just create an oval by shaping the curveline now to create the bottom of my bow I'm going to take my nail striper and a dot tothe center and work the ribbon out words to create a C shape here's what the finish manicureit looks like when you're all done and you apply a topcoat I love the way this manicurelooks and you can add different color presents to this look or you can add it as an accentit's really up to you if you re-create it make sure you send mea picture let's move onto manicure number threemanicure number three to re-create manicure number three you're going to use a red polishand apply it to the tip of your nail you don't have to be perfect here because we are goingto go in and cover up the edge of the Red tip.

To create the present you can even use a malestripper or a dotting tool if you're a beginner Ivory recommend using a dotting tool and that'show I'm going to show you how to do it now create a triangle or in a 90° angle thatconnects with the red tip now fill in the rest that portion in and allow it to dry nowat the ribbon to your present by TNL striper and making across in the center of your presentnow to top off your present with a bow use a bobby pin or a dining tool and create aheart shape ribbon now to create the top of the stocking you're going to take a largedining tool and create white dots along the top of the once the stripes and you want totopcoat here's what this finished manicure looks like I wore this manicure actually afew days ago and I have gotten so many compliments I hope you want to re-create manicure numberthree so which manicure was your favorite Medicare number one manicure number two manicurenumber three let me know in a The comments down below if you want to continue to seevideos like this one let me know by leaving this video a thumbs up and let also let meknow in the comments down below if you want to see a review on that Polish set that Ishowed you earlier in this video now let me get into my favorite manicures from this weekmake sure to use the #LNG holiday contest I'll see you next week bye.