DIY Halloween Nail Art – Cute & Easy Ghost Nails

Hi everyone and welcome back to LancenGi I'm Gianna and as you can tell I'm very very excited for Halloween can you see allthe decorations I literally have spent all week decorating and getting my place so readyfor Halloween like I'm literally so ready OK so anyways getting into the video so thisnew nail series is all inspired by Halloween.

Every Monday in the month of October I'llbe posting three Halloween inspired nail designs so I'm gonna add some pictures all over thescreen so you can see the manicures that are coming I know some of us are not excited forHalloween.

Some of us like Christmas better or birthdays better but I am going to getus all excited by holding another contest it's going to end October 31 to enter thecontest you must first createone of the Nail Designs that's from the series the secondthing you must go on Instagram or Facebook and use the #LNG Halloween nails i'm goingto select on at the end of the month on October 31 a $25 gift card to Amazon made the bestspooky emails when I'm so excited my favorites will get featured at the end of the videosso make sure you start submitting as soon as possible I'll announce the winners on November3 which is that Monday all the products I'm using in the videos I'll put a blanket downbelow that's kind of the easiest way what I'm watching videos I get so annoyed whenI can't find the links or I can't find the products that they exactly used in the videoso I'm going to make sure you leave those links down below I am putting a playlist togetheri'll put a link down below in the description box I want to know which manicure is yourfavorite out of the three that I come up with Medicare number one manicure number to ourmanicure number three make sure to let me know by leaving it in the comments below.

Let me know if you want to see more Halloween nail art by leaving this video a thumbs upand it is possible that I may put together a little D I Y project look at me dancing so let'sget it into the first spectacular manicure manicure number one you're going to startup manicure number one by painting your nails all white now taking a small dotting toolyou're going to dip your dotting tool into a black polish and add two eyes on each nowto create does screaming mouth you're going to create the large in dotting tool and placeone dot in the center of your nail and I second that just a little bit below so this is whatthe manicure looks like once you add a topcoat I love this nail design it gives you thatspooky ghost feeling I hope you want to re-create them manicure number one let's move onto manicurenumber two To start manicure number two you're goingto paint your nails two coats of a black color and then taking a white color and a dottingtool you're going to take your small dotting tool and create two eyes on each now for myaccent nail I'm going to put two eyes on the bottom of my nail is now taking a black polishand a smaller dotting tool you're going to create the Google eyes I kind of like themlooking Crosstide and then looking One Direction here's what the finished manicure looks likewith the topcoat I think this manicure is so cute and had so many people stop me withthis one there always like what's on your nails I think the white and black contrastreally gets them I hope you want to re-create manicure number two let's move onto manicurenumber three So let me apologize ahead of time I had torefill mess so I'm only going to do one now but you're going to start off by paintingyour nail a translucent light color and then going in with a translucent white polish andcreating the ghost figure.

You're going to start by creating a littletriangle on the center of your nail now creating the eyelashes by taking a skinny strivingbrush and creating a little bit of black at a time and carefully creating a little seeI'm just adding more polish on top of it because I would rather add polish then take away noso now going in I'm going to create the eyelashes create small that aligns about for lashesand I think that looks very pretty but you can do more if you'd like I'm just going tomake sure to not go above the top of the seas so the lashes can can be in line and thenI'm just going in and making it a little bolder just like the ghost as eyeliner on and nowI'm just going to create a mouth and taking a large dotting tool and creating a mouthif you want to add a little more to the design you can add some Jens to the luck and I hopeyou enjoy a manicure number three and you want to re-create it so which one was yourfavorite manikin number one Medicare number 2 or manicure number three.

Make sure to letme know by leaving a comment in the comment section down below if you would like to seemore nail designs like this one make sure to let me know by leaving the city or thumbsup and I'll make sure that there's another Halloween video next Monday and if you wantto see more Halloween nails I'm going to put a playlist down in the description make sureto check it out before you leave I will see you guys in the next video happy Halloweenbye!.