DIY Memorial Day Nail Art !!! ☆ Three Cute & Easy Designs! + CONTEST TIME

Okay how do you do this thing hi everyoneand welcome back to Lance and G I'm Gianna and today well I am celebrating my one-yearanniversary of creating nail art on YouTube okay so guys I'm going to be showing you threeare manicures that are perfect for beginners they're super simple easy to create and perfectfor Memorial Day Fourth of July or any patriotic holiday or if you just want to wear somethingthat's red white and blue and you want to get your nails done to match it! I also wantedto let you guys know there is a contest starting with this video I'm going to explain moreat the end of the video so stay till the end but let's get into the first nail art designand I'll see you in a little bit bye Merrick your number one to re-create thisgorgeous static E or you're going to start by taking a dotting tool or a bobby pin andcreating large dots at the tip of your nail and gradually get it smaller in size as youmove towards the cuticle you're going to repeat step one with as many colors you as you wouldlike I used red white and blue but you can use red white and blue silver red Red whiteand blue gold whatever you would like you're going to wait five minutes and allow the dotsto dry before you add a taco here's what the finish manicure looks like if you guys watchSnapchat I just saw that it kind of goes with the billboard music awards what totally didthat on purpose if you love this manicure and you re-create it make sure you send mea picture on Instagram and use the #LNG nail art Moving on to Munich your number to a manicurenumber two to re-create this patriotic McDonagh care start my painting your nails any coloryou would like now on the white males or bobby pin and create three large that's a long oneside of the nail next year going to take a smaller dotting tool and create four mediumsize dots between the larger dots that you created before.

Now taking a toothpick you'regoing to fill in the remaining see area you're going to take it and fill it in with somesmall.

Wait five minutes so your dots do not smear applier favorite quick drying taco andhere's what the finished manicure looks like I Think this manicure is so classy and I reallythink it gives that extra pot even though it's not drawling a bunch of attention toyour nails it's just such a classy manicure it's one of my favorites and I think I weren'tlast year for Fourth of July and I got so many compliments and people just love it Manicure number three to create this fireworkdry marble patriotic manicured you're going to start by painting your nails two coatsof any color you would.

Now except for my accent finger I'm going to add a glitter polishon the accent finger to create the dry marble placed a couple dots of the polish on yournails and you may want to practice because different ways of applying the polish cangive you different turn out and if you want more polish or less polish you have to playaround and see what works best you're going to take a nail brush and spread the designany way you would like and just remember to move quickly because the polish is dryingas you're working with it once the nail art has dried completely make sure to add yourquick drying taco and here's what the manicure looks like I love this manicure it remindsme of fireworks and also that playful girly glitter patriotic luck all right so whichmanicure what's your favorite Medicare and 12 or three let me know in the comments sectiondown below and if you guys are enjoying these nailer videos and want to see more like thisone or more in the future let me know by leaving this video a thumbs up If you re-create any of these nail art designsThere is a nail art Contest going on until July 4 is going to be the last day to turnin the nail art designs and I'm going to announce the winner on July 6 and that winter is goingto get a one hour hangout time with me we can paint now are together we can chat aboutnail art I think it'll be a lot of fun and I'm really looking forward to meeting youguys and I think this is a perfect way to do it to enter the contest you're going tore-create any of the nail art designs on my channel and you can re-create as many designsyou would like and submit as many pictures you would like and some tips when you submityour designs make sure you have enough lighting because it's very difficult for me to seethe divine tip number to make sure your neck your picture is clear so I can see which designyou use and it's easier to appreciate your nailer divine when I can actually see it Tipnumber three make sure you tag me say you submit your picture on Instagram at make sureto use that #lngnailart and tag me at Lancengi because sometimes I don't get that notificationand I want to be the first want to see your design and comment and I will see you guysin the next video I love you all so much and I'm so grateful for each and everyone of youand I will see you guys in the next video bye.