DIY Nail Art Design – Quick, easy and simple tutorial

Hello everyone, I'm Tania! and I'm Julia! and we Dudettes Hello! WOOOOO! We are from Mexico and maybe we'll hear a little weird sometimes.

Not sometimes, all the time just accept it I accept it! hahaha We can not say words like crafts manualidddades manualidadeeddes Basically we want to make tutorials along with you And teach you to do very cool things we want you to do things! then let's go out and explore and doing interviews with people who are very cool! Well, today we will have a very cool tutorial! something that is tiny something that can grow! and can also be disgusting! Eww! Ewww! EWWWWWWWWW! eww eww and that, ewww! We eww, ewwwww.

ewwwww! big EEEEWWWW and it is something that can blink.

😉 wink wink and I think if you'll like it, because.

basically everyone wants to show their.

NAILS! si !!! This is a tutorial about guys nail boys and girls ok, let's stop this talk and let's do it! DO IT! Do it! hagamoslooooooo! TUTORIAL TIME! For this tutorial, we will need.

nail nail polish remover chopsticks Brushes or brush your nail polish you can also use a broom, because.

YOLO (you only live ONCE TU) if you want to make a stylish nails, you can use Swarovski Crystal you just want to put all the glitter in them just add glitter 😛 and of course most important of all is.


And snacks delicious! 🙂 ok, boys and girls!.

do this tutorial! first.

you need to clean your nails, because.

Ewww! then painted a crescent and let dry.

paints a large circle in the middle of the crescent.

you do not need to be perfect, just do it You can also make it bright make a style like galaxy adds bling bling! Go crazy doing this! just tries to do crazy things and let it dry and finally adds a layer of clear nail paints and BOOOOOM! You finished! if you want to be more cool, you can add details or textures like this.

and you just do it! now you're #cutecertified and now you're ready to party! in fact, you can put an eye almost everywhere! PON AN EYE ON THIS! Put an eye on your kitty! Put an eye on your novioooo! Put an eye on "your Tania" Put an eye on Julia's knees good boys and girls We're back that was our tutorial hopefully you have enjoyed If you !!! just put an eye on it do not forget to put thumbs up and like this video si !!! follow us on instagram @hello_dudettes twitter @hellodudettes world and all the cyber space (facebook: Hello Dudettes) and do not forget to comment on the bottom if you like, if you want to see more things how are you that we have many ideas in our minds eeeeeeeeeehhhhh ok guys, my brain is going to explode! is exploding! sorry exploding! my eye will explode! and pop! BAAAAAM! 😀 hahaha it's time to say goodbye! 🙁 Oh, it's fine.

yes 🙁 well, not misbehave.

but if they decide to do it.

Invite us! Wooohoooo! SEE YOU SOON ! :-D.