DIY Nail Art for Halloween – Easy Candy Corn Nails #9

Hi everyone and welcome back to Lancengi I'mGianna and welcome back to my YouTube channel in today's video I'm going to be showing youthree different cute and easy candy corn nails for Halloween in the description down belowI'm going to put a playlist of all the Halloween nails that I come up with there's going tobe a new Halloween video every week in the month of October and there is a contest goingon so make sure to check out the first video in the playlist if you want to enter the contestand re-create any of the Halloween mailbox let me know if you love these Halloween nailart videos and want to see more by leaving this video a thumbs up i'm going to go aheadand show you next week the design let me know which manicures your favorite manicure numberone Medicare number two or Medicare number three and leave your comments down in thecomment section down below let's get into the first spooky manicure.

Manicure number one to start off this easymanicure you're going to take off a quarter of your nail then taking a white polish you'regoing to fill in the bottom portion of the nail and take off the tape once the policyis dry you're going to take a male striper and some yellow polish and apply it to thebottom portion of your nail next you're going to take some orange polish and a nail striperand apply it just above the yellow portion that you created say have three equal portionsof color Now add your top coat and you're done here'swhat the finished manicure looks like with the top coat.

I think this manicure is so easy and cutere-create it's so perfect for Halloween and I hope you want to re-create it Let's move onto manicure number two manicurenumber two to start off manicure number two you're going to apply two coats of a 10 basethen taking a nail striper create little triangles on your nails and allow them to dry next you'regoing to take a nail striper and an orange polish and apply it to the center of the triangleand then you're going to take a yellow polish and apply it to the bottom portion of thetriangle to fill in the bottom portion of the nail allow that to dry and apply a tacoand you're done so here's what the finished manicure looks like I love this candy corninspire nails they actually do look like candy corn's that you eat on Halloween and I hopeyou and Eric create manicure number two let's move onto manicure number three Medicare number three so to start of manicurenumber three and excuse the beginning of this but I'm just going to adjust this in a secondticket nail striper up dividend some white polish create annex on the lower third ofyour nail that I go in and fill in the sides and whether the my brush can't reach and takingmy nail polish brush I'm going to fill in the bottom portion of the nail now I'm goingto take my nail striper and dip it in some yellow polish and create a V along the bottomportion of my nail After you clean off my brush I'm going toapply some different and some orange polish and apply it to the middle section of my nailand create the V-shaped right along the same line as before Now you can leave your nails just like thisor you can add some glitter to the way it just because I love that little bling feelingto my nail lines I'm going to add some glitter and a taco and here's what the finished manicurelooks like I hope you enjoyed manicure number three and want to re-create it So which manicure was your favorite Medicarenumber one man in Canada two or manicure number three let me know by leaving a comment downbelow if you enjoyed watching this video and want to see more spooky Halloween nails letme know by leaving this video a thumbs up All the products that I'm using in this videoI'm going to link directly to those products in the description bar make sure to checkthat out and thank you to everyone who keep submitting their nail art work and these aremy favorite design so far don't forget to send in your nail art creations using thehashtag LNGHalloweenNails To enter in the contest and I will see youin the next video bye.