DIY Nail Art Tools with 5 Easy Nail Art Designs! How to Paint your Nails at Home!


BOM BOM BOM Oh! Oh! No worries if you don't have any nail arttools.

In this tutorial I'll show you five amazing designs which you can make using thingsyou already have at home.

Nail art tools can be super useful when makingcreations on your nails, but today we'll manage without them.

Hey loves! It's time for another nail arttutorial and guess what?! It's a no tool one! Well, we will be using tools, but only theones that you can find around your house.

So we're making five beautiful designs thatare super easy to make and look amazeballs.

Don't you agree? Well, if you do, here's howyou can get them too.

Sponges, tapes, band aids, pencils, pens,straws, cue tips, matches, toothpicks, nails, screws, wire, paper pins and much more.

All that can be used to make fantastic nail designs art designs.

I will show you five of themnow, so let's get started.

Before applying the polish you have to protectyour pretty nails with a base coat.

This will help you keep them healthy and stain free! First let's make this adorable baby penguindesign.

Baby penguin's fur is light grey, while adults are black.

But, I am making afantasy penguin so I went for the blue base.

Take a white polish and draw half of an ovalon the bottom half of your nail.

Now we need to make some bigger dots and pins will helpus out here.

These are great for pinning paper on a cork board, but they will work perfectlyas dotting tools too.

I like to pin them in an eraser of a pencil, so they are easierto hold.

Then I just use them as a regular dotting tool: dip it in white and make twolarge dots.

Inside make two smaller black ones using smaller pins.

Here I am using apencil to make two little white dots, and then a construction nail to make two evensmaller ones.

I am in love with the anime inspired eyes.

So adorable! All we have to do is draw a small triangle for a beak and two legs on the tip of the nail.

All we got left to do is applyusing a yellow polish and a pencil.

Apply a generous amount of the fast drying top coatto seal the design and add some shine.

Isn't this the cutest penguin you have ever seen?! Who doesn't like Minions, right? Well I lovethem so I had to make a Minion nail design.

I am starting with white as a base.

You'reprobably thinking what the heck.

minions are yellow.

No worries, I started with whitejust because yellow polish pops so much more on top of white.

White base makes them muchmore vibrant and bold.

Starting with the goggles: I am dipping the eraser of my pencil in silvercolor and making two big dots close together like that.

Inside the big silver dots makesmaller white ones using a q-tip.

The last little detail for the eyes are the pupils,which I am making using a bobby pin.

Every Minion also needs some overalls, I am drawingthem very simply by sticking a piece of tape across the bottom part of the nail as a guide,and then I am just coloring the tip in blue.

Remove the tape and we're done.

To make themouth we'll be using a straw.

Cut a piece of straw away until you're left with halfof a ring shape.

Dip it in black and press it on your nail – voila our Minion justgot the biggest smile.

To finish this lovely design apply a layer of top coat.

I love howcute and easy this design is! Perfect for an accent to a solid manicure or you can makeminions on all the nails.

Let's now move to the watermelon fields.

Look at the way these hard working men are collecting watermelons so we can enjoy them.


These are definitely one of my favorite summer treats, so why not having this deliciousfruit on our nails? Start by applying one or two coats of red polish all over the nailas a base.

Here I will be using this sticker that is used for binders as a tool to createthe perfect French tip.

Stick it on like this and color the bottom third of the nail inwhite.

Remove the sticker and wait until the white polish is completely dry.

Place thesticker a bit lower now and color the tip in green.

Did you know that you can also usea piece of wire for nail art? I found this one in my father’s garage and it works great.

So I am just making a few dark green patches on top of the lighter green.

With a toothpickdipped in black I am drawing some watermelon seeds.

I don’t like my watermelon to havetoo much seeds so I am just making a row of them.

The only thing left to do is applyinga top coat and we’re finished.

On my right hand I’ll show you how to incorporatethis lovely watermelon design into an easy and pretty mix & match mani.

I painted mynails in red except for the thumb and middle finger, which I colored green.

On the ringfinger we are making a watermelon in the same way as before, just that here I am using aband aid to make a French tip.

As you can see it works just as great as the binder stickers.

This way you can create white French tips or maybe go for colored ones  – such aneasy and quick way to get a fun manicure.

On the middle finger I am drawing some randomdark green lines just as the ones watermelons have.

These don’t have to be perfect, infact, they should not be perfect.

Using a paper clip and dotting motion I am drawingsome curved lines along the nail.

I did the same design on my thumb.

Lastly, with theblack give your watermelon a few seeds.

On the pointer and pinky I am making a smalldot just to kind of bring together all the designs into a nice, fun watermelon mix andmatch nail art.

These nails look so summery and delicious, don’t they? I absolutely love nail art designs that includeblue skies and white fluffy clouds.

Here’s a cute variation that we are making today.

Start by applying a medium blue polish as a base.

Time to prove that matches can workas a great dotting tool too – just dip one in a white and make a group of dots closetogether until you get a cloud shape.

Make several clouds to fill all the empty spaceson your nail but make sure they are big enough, because we still have to draw their prettyfaces on.

I am drawing faces to only three of the clouds but you can do it on all ifyou prefer.

With a construction nail make a pair of eyes.

For the mouth I am using astraw, just like I did for the Minion.

I really love using straw for such curved lines.

Likethat, our clouds are now happy and smiley.

To add some extra sweetness to the clouds,I am drawing cheeks to each of them.

Just dip a match into light pink, make two dotsand our clouds are finished, looking so cute.

Well, one thing is missing and that’s atop coat which will seal everything in place and protect the design from chipping.

Howgorgeous are these? Ahhh.

I am obsessed.

Last but definitely not least we are makingthis ocean design, perfect for the summer days.

Paint your nail in light blue.

Deep down on the bottom of the sea we have to make theblue darker and mysterious because the light can’t reach it in all it’s power.

So let’smake a gradient using 3 shades of blue and a cosmetic sponge.

Dab the sponge on the nailand here it is – a beautiful blue gradient.

Clean the skin around your nail with a q-tipsoaked in acetone.

Our ocean is now ready to be decorated with sand, fish, corals andall that cool stuff.

In the corner I am making a little goldenpatch for the sand.

For the fish we first need to make a big dot.

An awesome tool forthis is a wooden dowel pin.

I moved recently and got so many of these when I purchasedfurniture.

So dip it in white and press on the nail to form a perfect dot.

For the tailI am using a toothpick and simply drawing a triangle with it.

I made my fish white herebut now I am coloring it in yellow.

If yellow is used directly on top of blue the coloryou get is normally more green -ish so a white base is a must! Now our little fishy is brightand vibrant! Add some oxygen baubles using white polish and a piece of wire.

For theeyes, dip the toothpick in black and make a simple dot.

To fill in the empty part ofthe nail you can draw more fish, or a coral like me.

For this I will be using an old penthat stopped working.

Dip it in red nail polish and draw several curved lines using stipplingmotion.

Super easy! To make the coral look more realistic I am making a lot of smallwhite dots all over.

Once again I am using a construction nail to do it.

I tell you guys– a garage is a great place to look for nail art tools.

Lastly apply a layer of thefast drying top coat to protect this masterpiece! This design is just super interesting, fulland summery.

Makes me wanna travel to some exotic places so badly.

Here's a little recap of everything you canuse for your nail art, and you most probably already have at home.

There's surely muchelse you can use to create awesome designs, just check out the back of your drawers, Ithink you can find many interesting things.

So these were my 5 nail art ideas using DIYtools.

I really hope you like them and let me know which one was your favorite.

I reallylike how all of them turned out, but probably my faves are the penguin and the fish.

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Allyou have to do is be creative, curious and most importantly – have fun with it!.