DIY Nail Art Tutorial – Adorable Ice Cream Design

Hello guys and welcome to a Nail and Brushvideo.

In today’s tutorial, I am going to showyou how to paint this absolutely adorable ice cream nail art design!Let’s get started! First up is the Revlon Quick Dry Base Coat.

I will be painting a coat of this on to protect my nails.

Next up I’m using this beautiful purple L’Oréal Color Riche mini in Divine Indigo.

This will form the background to this nail art design.

Next you can use a beige nail polish like this Designer Brands shade.

Start at the centre of the nail and draw a v going outwards.

Fill in the triangular shape.

Next up is this smoky brown shade by EyesLips Face.

I’m using a tiny brush to outline the triangleThen, I’m putting in criss-cross lines to form the hatchet pattern of waffle cones.

It doesn’t have to be perfect.

Use a white polish like this Ciaté for thenext part.

Do three separate strokes for the yummy icecream! I like to start with the centre stroke first.

Next, use any red nail polish – I’m going to go with my classic Revlon Red.

Grab your bobby pin or dotting tool and pop a little glacé cherry in the middle of theice cream.

Finish off with a top coat like this one toprotect your design.

And there you have it – a super super cuteice cream cone nail art design perfect for summer!You can use the same colour for the background on all fingers but I’ve decided to use differentcolours to add some more fun! Thanks for watching and hope you learnt something!If you enjoyed my tutorial – please give me a thumbs up below.

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