DIY Nail Art Tutorial – Marc Jacobs Daisy Inspired Design

Hello guys and welcome to a Nail and Brush video! In today’s tutorial, I am going to show you how to paint this very sophisticated Marc Jacobs Daisy inspired nail art design.

Let’s get started! First, use a Base Coat like this Revlon one.

I will be painting a coat of this on to protect my nails.

Next up I’m using a black nail polish.

This Rimmel one is so shiny! This will form the background to the design.

The next colour is white.

I’m going with my favourite Ciaté mini.

Using a bobby pin, we’re going to draw in the daisy petals.

Start in one corner of the nail, do a dab then sweep towards a centre point like this.

Keep going until you have the start of two daisies.

One in each corner of your nail.

For the centre of the daisy, I’m using this metallic copper shade by Revlon.

Grab your trusty bobby pin again and do one dot in the centre of each daisy.

Finish off with a top coat like this one to protect your design and you’re all done! I think the best thing about this design is that it’s the right mix of girly and classy! You can wear it with your favourite summer dress or to a formal event at night! Also, by changing any one of the three colours used, you can have a completely different look! Thanks for watching and hope you learnt something! If you enjoyed my tutorial – please give me a thumbs up below.

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