DIY Nail Art without any tools | No Tools Nail Art design

Hi guys For this cute nails art design First apply base coat Then on Index & little, Apply double coat of sea blue nail polish On middle & thumb, Apply double coat of pink nail polish then using thicker side of toothpick, make a big white dot Then using pointed side of toothpick, make some navy blue dots Then again using thicker side of toothppick, make some big yellow dots and again using thinner side of toothpick or pointed side of toothpick make some small dark pink dots after this, Use light green nail polish and using pointed side of toothpick Make 1 dot between 2 dark pink dots And using light purple nail polish, make 1 dot between 2 big yellow dots Using thicker side of toothpick Apply silver glitter nail polish on white On ring, Apply double coat of silver glitter nail polish Apply top coat On sea blue nail polish, apply 1 silver metal stud And that's it If you like this design, then give a thumb up and don't forget to subscribe.

Bye Bye.