Easy and Cute Dotted Nail Art. DIY Fall Nails for teenagers.

Hi guys ! Welcome back to my channel ! Today I have another nail art tutorial for you.

Its very cute fall nail art and very easy to do.

As you can see it another dot manicure idea by using different colors of dots you can get really cool results I am also going to show you another variation of this manicure with glitter nail polish.

So lets get started ! I`ve already applied my base coat and now I am going to apply my white nail polish on all my nails except my pinky and my index finger And for this I am using Sally Hansen extreme wear in shade 300 "white on".

For my index finger and my pinky I am gonna use my Rimmel Salon Pro nail polish in shade 394.

Its color of dark red wine perfect for fall.

Now lets move on to the middle finger.

I am going to take my dotting tool and deep it into my Rimmel nail polish I just paint on my pinky and index finger I put my dots randomly At first I am using bigger size of dotting tool and then smaller I am going to clean off my dotting tool and move on to the next color.

Next color I am using is orange, reminds me of pumpkins and then green color.

As you can see I just put dots in between of other dots.

I am using different sizes of dotting tool.

Because I want my dots to be various.

I also will add smaller red dots and then after I am done I will do the same steps with my other nails painted white.

Now I will apply star shaped rhinestones on my index finger and my pinky.

You can choose any other shape of rhinestones you like.

I think that star shaped rhinestones look really cute.

After I am done with rhinestones, I will apply top coat on all my nails.

Here is the finished look I just love the colors in this manicure You can use different colored dots on all your nails.

But I think its looks better with solid color and rhinestones on 2 other nails.

I hope you like this fall nail design.

And now let me show you my second variation.

I will use nail polish remover pad and will remover nail polish and rhinestones from my pinky and index finger.

And then will apply Rimmel Nail polish in shade 394 one more time.

Next I will apply glitter nail polish.

I could not decided which one to use then one from ELF or Sally Hansen and then I decided to go with Sally Hansen You can use glitter nail polish with bigger pieces and I would suggest to use gold or copper definitely not silver glitter nail polish.

It will not look good with this color combination.

So if you don't have any rhinestones you can use glitter nail polish it will definitely work for this manicure (nail art design).

I really like this final result This nail design is very simple to do and its perfect for Fall.

Let me know which variation you like more #1 or #2 ?! And that's it for today! I hope you enjoyed this video Thank you so much for watching ! Please subscribe ! And I will see you next time ! Bye !.