Easy leopard / cheetah nail art tutorial for beginners

Hi! Today, I will show you how to make an animal skin design on your nails! This is the leopard nail art.

This nail art is quite easy to do! And it's fashion.

I hope that you will enjoy this video.

First, I have applied my base coat with the Nailangel Miss Swan nail polish.

Then I use a brown nail polish, still from Nailangel To paint spots of different shapes and sizes.

Don't align the dots like I did I was actually wrong to do that.

So try not to align your dots.

When they're dry, I use a black liner To encircle the dots Draw around them randomly They don’t need to look perfect.

Or else they won’t look like leopard spots.

So, I make some semicircles or some complete circles.

Do as you feel.

That’s it! Then I apply a layer of top coat.

And I wait for it to dry! Subscribe for more tutorials and tell me about this design in the comments below, love to read you! Thanks!.