Easy Nail Art Designs For Beginners #5 – Watermelon Nail Art ‪

Hi everyone and welcome back to Lance andG.


today's video I'm going to show you how to re-create three easy watermelon nails thesenails designs.

Are super easy to agree create and anyone at any skill level can re-createthem as always I want to see which manicure is your favorite manicure number one numbertwo or manicure number three let me know in the comments section down below and thereis a nail art contest going on if you follow me on Instagram or Facebook you can #LngNailArtto enter the nail art contest and a reminder I will be giving away three $25 gift cardsand you can use any of these three manicures or and any of these easy now art for beginners134 I'm going to link them down below so you can refer back to them I've been really enjoyingthe nail art but I've been seeing from you guys in here a few of my favorites so thankyou for submitting that nail art and if you are enjoying this year easy now at for beginnerseries let me know by leaving this video a thumbs up and let's get into the first manicure.

Miniature number one start with one coat of a white polish and allow to completely drynow and your pinky a beautiful watermelon color for your ring finger and a light pinkpolish to the first part of the nail and the watermelon polish to the other half take atoothpick or small tonsil and blend the colors together once you're satisfied with the lookof the nail and move onto the middle finger blend of pink and white polish.

Then to thepointer finger Glenn a white and green polish and lastly on your thumb apply a beautifulgreen color here's how the finished simple watermelon manicure looks.

I really enjoyedcreating this nail design I think it's super simple for people that are not very experiencedwith nail polish let's move onto manicure number two manicure number two I started offwith a tan basecoat and taking a mail striper and the watermelon pink polish create a triangleon all the nails I found it easier to fill in the outline of the triangle instead offilling it in with the nail striper but you can use either one now taking a green polish I'm going to createpaint the bottom of the nail in the outside of the watermelon to add more detail to thedesign I'm going to add a white nail polish in between the pink and the green to finishup the watermelon I'm going to add three black seeds I've seen people add pink seats andI thought that was kind of cute to you but you can do whatever you would like so thisis what the finish nail design looks like I absolutely love this thing is designed forsummer and it's very quick to create now moving onto manicure number three manicure numberthree start off with a white basecoat and allow this to try to create the watermelonson my nails I have to create a detailed nail striper in order to do this I cut up a fewBrussels at a time until I'm satisfied.

Now I'm going to add a large triangle to eachnow and several small triangles to each nail.

Now taking a green polish I'm going to paintthe outside of each watermelon and I'm going to add a little more detail by adding thewhite polish between the pink in the green and to finish up the watermelon design I'mgoing to add three seeds.

And that's it here's what the finished manicure looks like witha topcoat I think the nail design a super fun for summer and even entering into theback-to-school months where you don't really want to get out of the summer mode I thinkthese are my favorite out of the three males his eyes and I hope you like this nail designand I hope you want to re-create it.

So which manicure was your favorite manicurenumber one Medicare number two or manicure number three let me know in the comments downbelow and if you are enjoying best nail serious let me know by leaving this video a thumbsup I'll see you next Monday bye.