Easy nail art: Dots pink and grey

Hey everyone, today I will be showing you how to do a simple dotting design on your nails! From left to right, I will be using OPI’s natural base coat, Sinful Colour’s cool grey, OPI’s mod about you, and I will be finishing up with OPI’s top coat.

The tools I will be using are just two different sized pins that I have stuck into the erasers of my pencils.

The different sized pins are just for easy dotting of my small and large dots.

First, I'll start with a base coat to protect my nails.

It also makes for a smoother surface for applying the colour nail polishes.

Then, I'll use the grey nail polish, and this will be the background for my dots.

I'm just going to add another coat of the grey to make it more opaque.

Now it's time for the dots! I will be using a plastic bag as the surface, just so the nail polish won’t be absorbed.

With the pink nail polish I’m going to dab a drop onto the plastic bag.

Then, starting with my large pin, I'm going to dip it in and gently make a dot onto the centre of my nail.

Then, three dots on the side two on the top one on the bottom and then three dots on the side Now, I'm going to take my smaller pin and just make six small dots between the centre and side dots.

There we have it! I'm just going to wait five to six minutes to make sure the dots are dry, then I'm going to finish up with a top coat so my design will last longer.

and we're done! Thanks for watching and I'll see you all next time!.