Easy Nail art flower roses

Hello everyone.

In this Friday video, I'll will show you how to draw roses with a detail brush.

It is very easy to do and just unmissable.

First I've applied the purple nail holographic varnish of Cirque that I find really very beautiful.

Then you will need a red varnish or any color ideal for roses.

And you will also need a little piece of foam like this.

I've put some varnish in the corner of the foam and tap it on my nail so as to make a colored spot.

It is not obligatory.

It is only to give some colours to the rose that you are going to make afterward.

Or you can of course draw directly the rose.

I've cleaned up what has overflown with my corrector pen.

Then I will show you how to draw the rose with a felt pen.

You should draw like a sort of apricot.

Then outline each time the rose with some kind of bridges.

The stripes should have a sort of wavy form.

For it to look real, to make straight lines.

It should contain at time thick and thin edges.

It is very important to respect those small steps so that your rose looks real.

Those are errors that should not be made because the stripes are too thin or straight.

Like this it appears like a salad.

Then I've picked a detail-brush.

You can use an old eyeliner or a thin brush.

It doesn't matter if is not too thin.

Then I've apply my acrylic paint.

You can also do it with varnish.

With varnish, it dries more rapidly making it tough to work with.

I draw the sketch that I've done a while ago on a page.

On the spot that I have done with varnish, I draw an apricot then the circles taking care to make thick and thin edges mostly the stripes not very straight.

I repeat this step on all my nails.

Promise: it only took me 5 minutes for one hand because it is a very rapid technique.

You only have to make some test first and you will see that it is very easy to realize.

Then with my dotting tool, I've added some drops so as to give more harmony to the nail art.

It's done! Here is it! It is a very quick nail art, easy to do that gives a beautiful stamping effect.

You don't have to master a lot the detail brush because it doesn't matter if you shiver a bit.

Tell me in the comments if you prefer the roses like this or roses like those ones.

Catch up with you next week.

See you!.