Easy Nail Art For Beginners #27 – Cute Mardi Gras Polish Designs

Hi everyone and welcome back to another festivenail art designed for beginners! I'm Gianna and if you guys remember from last weeks videoI had a crazy dream that created one of these designs and inspired this video.

I'll puta link to that video if you don't know what I'm talking about.

Here are the three naildesigns that I came up with and I would love to know which design is your favorite manicurenumber 12 or three make sure to leave it down below and let's get into the first manicure Manicure number one For Medicare number one you're going to takethree polish colors I'm using the traditional Mardi Gras colors and I'm going to take eachcolor and and create horizontal lines by simply dragging the polish lightly down my nail.

No using three glitter polishes i'm going to apply it to each color! To get about MardiGras off later I'm going to add a corresponding gem to each nail!Here's what the carnival design look like when it's done.

For those of you that donot know what Carnaval means it is another word for Mardi Gras! Moving onto manicure number two which is avery elegant nail design I found this Design on the Internet on a weddingsite but could not figure out who created it.

Start of this manicure by taking a purplepolish and applying it to have your nail in a triangle shape.

Taking china glaze isfour leaf clover I created another triangle on the other side of my nail.

Taking Orlysgold Polish and a nail striper apply a gold line on the top of the purple triangle! Ofcourse I need some glitter so I'm applying Essien summit of style on top of the goldpolish.

Finished with your favorite top coat and here'swhat the finished manicure looks like! Manicure number three Start by paining one side of your nail purpleand the other side green allow your nails to dry for a few minutes taking a nail striperdip it into some yellow polish and start creating horizontal stripes across your nail.

Thekey to this design is layering the yellow polish.

Once you're happy with the yellow polish allowed to drive for a few minutes and apply someglitter to only the yellow portion of your nail.

After you sealed in your design with yourfavorite taco here's what the design should look like! So which manager was your favorite managernumber 12 or three let me know in the comments down below and stay tuned to next week whereI'll be showing you guys a more classy set of manicures for St.

Patrick's Day! Love youall so much and I'll see you next Monday.