Easy Nail Art for Beginners #29 – Red Designs Perfect For Prom or Weddings

I hope you enjoyed this video I hope weget you excited for your big event that's exactly what Iwas trying to go for here these are glam nails.

If you have prom coming up or you have a galla gala or comply or anything like that thethese nail designs were specifically designed for you to wow and excite.

you know spice it up what was I going to say.

Oh yes hold on one sec some of us are victim to short nails and youdon't have to suffer when them If you go to CVS you can pick up this guyright here called the Kiss nails and they're likestick on nails and I swear by them I think you do want to go to the nail salonyourself you want to create the design and put the effort in you deserve to have long ifyou want them and I love this brand I love the glueif you guys want me to do a review defiantly comment down and I be suer to make it happen Ill put a link down below and he now make your design the way youwanna make and I hope to have an awesome time at where ever you are going f you want to see more color combinations or anything like thatdefinitely let me know in the comments section down below and if you want to see more videos likethis one give this video a thumbs up Manicure number one the onlytool you need is the nail stripper and Ill put linkdown below where I found mine to start this manicure you're going topaint your nails two coats of a red polish on your nails I'm using aformula x polish in the collar Rouge.

With a nail stripper and a gold polish create c-shaped on the right side of each nail now gonice n slow at first and create c shape fill in the restthe nail so that their isn't any red orwhichever polish underneath isn't showing any more step 3 you're going apply a glitter polished with the nail stripper after you cleanup you're going to take time and make sure to line the c-shapedyou may need a few coats here here is what the finish manicure looks likeits gorgeous and I love it and I think it's perfect for prom or a wedding or anytime you wannafeel glamorous manicure number two and easy half batch to create manicureyou're going to take some scotch tape end up playing horizontally at thecenter each nail after making sure that they're presseddown firmly on the edge you're going to take a break college NPthe bottom portion of your email pretty thick or use our very okie red polish before polish dry you want toremove the tape to ensure that you have clean lines nowwith a male striper you're going to death the male striper insistence sell forpolish and create airline horizontally at youth center upemail simple lineout that now I'm going totake it glitter polish by SE and the color satins down and a fight over the silver polish now I'm going toapply 8 Tapco n/a gently placed the runs down have your choice and theThunder up here in the mail now it's up to youI'd like to add two layers of my favorite taco to feelin the design and make sure that those rhinestones don't follow up and here's what thefinish manicure looks like let's move on to manicures number threemany your number three the red-faced gold glitter gradient it is cell perfect for prom or even awedding I can't wait to share this design withthe elf to start of you're going to paint your nails hopeany red polish you'd like next in line to apply at chunky glitterpolish to the my nails I'm I think polish just using abrush yep nit pick them up glitter placement and I'm gonna them large bowl letter allover my knee next going to you take some rhinestoneand add that extra pop wow oh my god just the way into theseare on here and because this is a pretty Bay design and it it this is for in a bad or anything like that you're definitelygoing to want to do a couple topcoat to see on the designand he even actually smooth out not a comment down below where you'regoing and web design he decided to you I also let me know which design is yourfavorite manicure number 12 or three shared I recreated with me on Instagramand Twitter using hashtag LNG now are and I'll see you guys anynasty video and if you wanna see more videos likethis one where a shame glamorous nail art for bad definitely let me know I don't need this video a I'm of andI'll see that in the next video the hey if these people to videos playing on the screen do you knowif you clicked on either one of them you can be taken directly to those videoof that.