Extreme Crazy Nail Art Designs #2 | X-Crazy Dolphin Nails

Hey guys so today I'll be showing you this pretty cool nail art tutorial Start by warming up your clay so it is easier for you to work with it flatten up your clay and then draw a tail on it when you are done cut your tail out Now for the dolphin take a piece of clay and roll it in your hands Press down the edge a little bit so you can create the dolphins face press down the other edge now so it can take the shape of your nail so it is easier for you to apply it on your nail Now flatten up another piece of clay and draw on it the fins we are making 3 of them when done cut them out now create 3 insisions and put in them the fins we created if you want you can secure them with some strong glue So now for the nail design paint your middle finger blue and now we just need to draw some dolphins, so it's pretty easy so you create a C and then you add a tail ant you add the flaps draw as many dolphins as possible Next glue on your nails the Dolphin and the Tail And color blue any white spots then I just added the Dolphin's eyes and well that's it this is how it looks like,I really like it, It's so cute and easy to do well I hope you guys liked the video and don't forget to leave me a big Thumbs up, Subscribe to my channel and if you want you can add me on my other social media well see ya byeeeeee.